Dutch Pharma - any help appreciated - order limbo/ripped off?

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    Has anyone been in contact with this vendor or source at all recently? I’ve had good experience with him/them in the past and never had any issue, correspondence was always good and the gear I received was great, never been an issue and I have always been satisfied with their service/product..until now. I know things come up in people’s lives that have to be dealt with, so I’m trying to be patient but I’ve been getting ghosted for the last 2+ weeks since I re-sent the payment through MG of $525 including a $50 rush delivery fee to him. If anyone has any way of getting in touch with them, please let me know. Their sales@DutchPharma.RU email address is bouncing, I’m not getting any replies from their dutchpharma@ProtonMail.com and I’m having a hard time finding much to try to contact them through on this forum. I tried submitting an information request/emailed on their dutchPharma.ru website, an

    I resubmitted the payment on Monday, March 26, got a reply Tuesday, March 27, that they would confirm receipt of the payment once they had a chance to collect and that is the last correspondence or message I received from them/himI’ve whatsoever. I did confirm with money gram that the payment was received/collected, so I know that’s not the issue. I am starting to lose my fucking patience now.
  2. Is it the same Dutch Pharma that's on ASF?
    If that's the case, it wouldn't hurt to sign up there and calmly state your grievance with them.

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    Appreciate it. I’ll see if I can get in touch with S that way.
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    I was looking into ordering from
    Dutch... Hope everything works out for ya, please keep us posted
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    It’s being taken care of. Not sure exactly what happened, but for some reason all their inbound emails were going into my spam and all my emails to @dutchpharma.ru were bouncing back undeliverable. Got it sorted though I believe. I’ll keep you posted.
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    Happy to report my order arrived today. Thanks Dutch! Time for The Gains
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