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  1. Burn bright

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    Anyone have experience with the Var?
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  2. RThoads

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    His prices are still very good (maybe like $5 - $10 more on some things since a couple years ago, no biggy at all considering good track record and quality, and prices over time on all things must rise).
    If I had a buddy in need of a dom UGL, I would still strongly recommend checking him out. Soy was thick as hell; MCT is a nice improvement IMO (its what I liked best about POG).
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  3. Anthony Minerva

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    What is dyel most recent email
  4. Anthony Minerva

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    I got a trophy for my first message
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    check bhop, they are very active there
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    Bhop is a piece of shit
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    This is true, but you’ll find his current email.
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  8. Good question, anyone with experience with his line of orals?
  9. bickel29

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    I think his quality - oils and orals - has been very consistently good over the years. I don't currently use him, but I have used both orals and oils in the past and have always been happy.
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  10. Thank you for your reply, my good sir. Always appreciate your input my dude!
    Btw- that you in the Avi? Lookin good bro, no homo.
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  11. bickel29

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    You're welcome brother. DYEL has been solid for a few years now.

    Yeah man, that's me in the AVI . Thanks for the kind words man. I'm just trying to be the best me I can be, like all of us here. It does feel good to receive the compliments though, so I thank you, brother.
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  12. Adam Jones

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    Anyone work with him recently??
  13. Bhairava

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    I know this is an old thread but anyone use him recently?
  14. uwrassler197

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    I've got an order in with him now. Received tracking today. I've been running dyel exclusively for a year and a half now.

    Have made 5 or so orders this year with him.

    I do strongman so my goals and workouts are quite a bit different than most on the forum, but I'm making some great strength gains off of his stuff.
    Currently on (weekly totals):
    1200 mg test
    1000 mg eq
    400 mg tren e
    First 7 weeks I ran 50 dbol and 50 anadol daily.

    I can only speak for the quality stuff I have had in the past or currently have, but everything has been good.
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  15. Bhairava

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    I know you’ve been active in a is thread quite a bit and have good things to say so I appreciate your feedback, I was hoping to hear back from either you or inquiring mind. The stuff you are running from him currently how long ago was the order made? Your most recently order you made that should be arriving soon, If you wouldn’t mind keeping me
    Updating with the success of that batch I would greatly appreciate it! I know this guy has been around for a while, but since people haven’t been active on this thread I just wanted to get some more recent info. Thanks for the reply brother
  16. Sorry I haven’t replied sooner...I have run 3 cycles using DYEL exclusively. No regrets whatsoever. Nothing of his recently though. I won’t give anyone a “G2G” but this is as close as it gets, in my humble opinion.
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  17. MindlessWork

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    DYEL has been on a few boards I am on and never seen a bad thing posted about him.
  18. Bhairava

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    No worries man I appreciate the reply at all. What was the most recent batch you ran, how long ago? Given that we can’t see new testing on his stuff so often it could always end up being a crap chute a few batches later
  19. I ran a short 6 weeks from mid December 2017 through the end of January this year.
    test prop 100mg EOD, NPP 100mg EOD and Mast P 100mg EOD. Nice a simple stack. I’ve tried all his oils except for Primo. Iv tried some of his orals such and Tbol and Anavar, and I wasn’t really impressed. Although they are the weakest orals, so take that with a grain of salt.
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  20. Bhairava

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    bummer about the orlas man. The oils were on point though? that cycle you finished up a few months back in january had that been a recent order at that time or stuff you had stocked up on during a previous order? thanks for all the help.