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    Hi Meso, we are Dynamite Raws; we’ve been lurking around on Meso for a long time now and we think we are like 100% ready to finally post an intro here but I’m going to end up missing something. We are a two-person operated raws source based in China, and we intend to bring the best quality raws with the lowest prices (no we’re not DragonShitLabs either – his idea was moronic and laughable) domestically to the U.S. We also ship to Canada, Australia, and the EU – though I must admit; our clearance in certain places of the EU are quite low (such as Sweden).

    Now why do ya’ll need another raws source on Meso – after all you guys already got PPL, DO, LMC, Steroidstour? – Oh, and poor Tom, it seems like it didn’t work out too well for him. Well to put it simply, there’s always a demand and somebody to satisfy it. You ever see those corner stores in your neighborhoods; or maybe you’re in China like me and you walk out your apartment and see a UH (yes, it’s a convenience chain store’s name). Getting to the point, you will always see more and more being constructed. Why? Because of convenience and demand... Why would someone go to the store 8 minutes away, when you can go to the one 3 minutes away. Saves people time, and time is money. We are operating under the same guidelines, we want to save Meso users time by being a trusted go-to source and money by offering competitive prices for quality goods. Now, to the juicy stuff.


    Firstly, I would like to state that I myself have cycled. I’ve experimented with many different steroids, and have been bodybuilding since I was 15 years old. I know the importance of good quality product, and the disappointment when you get bunk items or when your package is simply not delivered. Truth be told, we’ve only been selling raws privately for 9 months – and that is only to a handful of sources that responded to our emails (best to be transparent right)? We’ve never sourced on any other board. However, during these past 9 months we’ve been able to learn a lot and get the right connections to make this all work out smoothly.


    To start off, my partner and I are both based in China. In order to use most websites, we must use a VPN as most of you already know. When sending your info to us, basically only we can see it (if you want to get into technicalities – yes the Chinese government can look into it as well – bow before them), we also delete your info after confirmation of shipment. We ONLY accept BTC, in the meantime we are creating more wallets for Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

    Also, we currently don’t use a website. We may make one in the future, but to be honest I see it as a drawback because of the possibilities of hackers, the unease of customers when using a website to order steroids, storing customer information on a database, and just the lack of OPSEC.
    We will only operate via Protonmail and Wickr, any emails from unencrypted services will be ignored. All emails will be deleted immediately after raws are shipped.

    Currently we offer 2 day priority shipping USPS, our shipping rate is $40 per package.

    If you order internationally, it will be shipped via DHL -> FeDEX with a 7-9 day T/A to the US and up to 15 days to the EU.

    We offer one free reship if a package is seized, though you will not need this service if you order domestically.

    Lab Tests

    Currently, we have a bunch of HPLCs from our factory, and COA’s. Now, understandably you may not like them because they are in a shit format.. our factory just sent us them and this is how they format their lab tests. That's why it is important we offer an incentive for lab testing. One of our customers tests our product regularly however he only gave us three of his tests, he does not want his name to be revealed and is quite serious about his privacy. We will offer $150 store credit for every lab test submitted (W&M and SIMEC preferred). If any our products are unsatisfactory, we will offer a full refund.

    Yes, I do have an alternate handle but I do not think it is pertinent to disclose or good for my security.

    What translate app am I using? Baidu or Google? That’s a secret for now.

    Protonmail: Dynamiteraws@protonmail.com
    We will upload pictures of our pricelist over here, however if you would like the full attachment please email us.

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    Is this a joke? Wtf is up with those lab reports? Looks like you typed that shit up on word pad. GTFO
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    Come back on Friday OP we are full right now.

    As for those lab reports who can vouch for them? They look typed up as the poster above said.
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    5b7a2ceb23276502d9e04835c9e2f34.jpg 24b8809ef36018e2644e60d52d0323e.jpg 43f5ec43fbe0f65795154a8449d57ad.jpg 209fb0eaa505cc2e4af8ed5141a7757.jpg ad70c6d764098c3cd238709d628c2ce.jpg b52157c1cf26c54fb0c734a2b6a1454.jpg c90f2655dcb86a948f903aafa558cea.jpg c5792efdff39d91578e7325f85fb83a.jpg fc27e69f0689d8eb584a31e88f8c78f.jpg fead6b8300dfe936973bc6f3a724fa9.jpg 5b7a2ceb23276502d9e04835c9e2f34.jpg 24b8809ef36018e2644e60d52d0323e.jpg 43f5ec43fbe0f65795154a8449d57ad.jpg 209fb0eaa505cc2e4af8ed5141a7757.jpg ad70c6d764098c3cd238709d628c2ce.jpg b52157c1cf26c54fb0c734a2b6a1454.jpg c90f2655dcb86a948f903aafa558cea.jpg c5792efdff39d91578e7325f85fb83a.jpg fc27e69f0689d8eb584a31e88f8c78f.jpg fead6b8300dfe936973bc6f3a724fa9.jpg
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    Actually the factory did just type it on Word, after completing their analysis which is legit. However, the tests do look like shit. That is why we are offering a testing incentive. As mentioned above, three of the tests are from one of our customers. The rest, I agree are terrible looking and I expected backlash.

    Also pictures of raws are awaiting moderator approval, please give it a bit sorry!
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    Here is our pricelist attached price 1.PNG price 2.PNG
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    The other source that ignored new source Friday is doing better..

    Where’s the quantity/weight on your pricing....
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    Yeah, I saw his thread. Looks like he's missing the Meso tag, my raws are currently uploading right now. Not sure why it's taking so long for moderator approval. I totally agree, all but three of these tests look like complete shit however it is a legit analysis that the factory performed. Any testing done by members sent to W&M/SIMEC will be credited with $150.

    Sorry, I forgot to add that the quantity goes by 50g, 100g, 500g, 1kg.
    We will also be selling packs of 10g for personal users, I have not included that on the pricelist but if anyone needs a 10g price consultation, just shoot us an email. ;)
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    My partner's a female, I'll see if I can get her to... y'know get some of her tots out for you guys.
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    That’s Napoleon DYNAMITE! (Movie)
    He actually likes tater tots... :oops:

    I thought it was appropriate for Meso though lol. :p

    Honestly your intro is lacking to say the least! You say, like so many other new sources, that you been looking and reading on Meso for a while but then post an intro that lacks any efforts to be taken seriously! Those in house test reports? C’mon! Looks fake as fuck!

    Why not send your own domestic products in for testing?
    I like the incentive you’re offering for customers to test but with how the intro was and your own fake looking test reports, that incentive just comes off like a lie to get orders... everything points to a scam at this point.
    Prove me wrong!

    Btw; I like female ‘tots’ but more of an ass man myself! If you wanna really impress me then get your partner to post both ;)
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    $150 doesn't even cover the cost of testing.
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    Whew, first let me get to the bottom of the post. You will not be impressed with any ass from this side of the globe :oops:. I think my ass would be better.

    Actually to be transparent, I have an alternate handle and I do a lot of vetting sources on here. If I were on that alternate handle I would tell myself to go fuck myself for posting these lab tests and continue giving myself a hard time. However, I was looking around at I believe "PHT something peptides" and saw that his lab tests were also from the factory (yeah, they are legit but they look like shit and can be edited). He did not offer an incentive, based off of that one thread alone I believed it was okay to post 3 of my client's W&M results from May and the most recent factory COA's on this thread.
    I wouldn't mind not receiving orders for the time being, like you said since I am an avid MESO reader I should be prepared. If getting a few more lab tests from W&M domestically is what it takes, I will do it.
    The reason we haven't been able to do that is because we invested ALL of our money into buying stock and transporting it to our US domestic guy. We didn't leave any left over to save for testing or for our own pockets, reason being is we have a few big customers that need 1kg Test, or 500g Mast. Our main focus was restocking, but hopefully when our next client orders we will take $1000 from that order and use it on domestic raw testing.
    However, if any member would like to try our products and send them off for testing, that would save us some time and be much appreciated.
    Anyways, always a pleasure speaking to you bolder:)
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    That's true, when I first thought about it the incentive was $150 because as a MESO member myself and when buying products it is a must that I test them on my own whether the source tested it or not. So yes, we are 30 dollars away from covering the full testing cost however since you've brought that up. We would like to cover the full amount of testing which would be $180 for W&M if I'm not mistaken.
    Thanks for bringing that up.
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    Wednesday nights the new Friday.
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    I take back what I said, this man is a BEAAAAAAST!
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    Friday is everyday when you're having a good time.
    Just waiting for MSG to pop up and tell me to fuck off...
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    Well, I'm going to try to reupload some pictures of the raws. I'm not sure if it's cause I uploaded to much pictures at once that it takes moderator approval? 5b7a2ceb23276502d9e04835c9e2f34.jpg 24b8809ef36018e2644e60d52d0323e.jpg 43f5ec43fbe0f65795154a8449d57ad.jpg 209fb0eaa505cc2e4af8ed5141a7757.jpg
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    ad70c6d764098c3cd238709d628c2ce.jpg b52157c1cf26c54fb0c734a2b6a1454.jpg c90f2655dcb86a948f903aafa558cea.jpg c5792efdff39d91578e7325f85fb83a.jpg
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    If you noticed that the thread you’re speaking about is pretty much dead! I also told him without an incentive for customer testing then he will not make it here and needs to go back to SST!

    You have excuses to why you, as an avid meso reader, didn’t come in prepared! I mean you can say whatever you want but I have no reason to believe anything you say. I don’t know if you have customers that buy big amounts from you or not?! Might just be an excuse to not test your own products... idk!
    See what I’m sayin?

    If you vet sources here then you should have had a solid intro. I’m not buying it! Or are you’re just plain lazy?

    You tell her to offer the pics of her booty and I can be the judge if it’s worth it from that side of the globe! Don’t forget the tot pics as well though! ;)
    Oh and don’t be posting your own ass! That’s just nasty! :eek:
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