E2 level at 73

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    Finally got some bloods back. T level at 1036 with E2 levels at 73.
    NP stated he wished to lower these e2 levels while keeping me ON 250
    mg of T. I will do whatever is required to get a functional sex life back, including
    losing gains. Could not care less at this point.

    However, I sadly could only be seen by a scammy NuMale clinic, that then wanted me to
    buy medications for a year and sign an annual contract. Can't do that.
    I will see another doctor ASAP, but considering I've been suffering from ED while going
    back on a TRT dosage after system didn't re-set for 6 months on its own, it is generally safe to assume I need some aromasin ASAP. I will get bloods taken in another two weeks. Does anyone recommend Aromasin over arimidex?

    And yes, I am aware of how profoundly stupid all of this sounds. I managed to commit all of the errors of cycling and when I got deep into the pitfalls, I just dug deeper and deeper. The mind can play amazing tricks on us. Consider me a fool, safe to say. I am just trying to recover what I have lost (poor grades, girlfriend I loved left me, body dysmorphia, exacerbation of depression 10-fold).
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  3. Anything these drs told you is suspect, they’re clearly just a pill mill for ped’s. This is why endos, urologists etc that specialize in this stuff are more ideal imo.
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    bro you are really having a bad time.


    train hard, do yoga, meditate, eat well with plenty of quality fats and micronutrients and do not fucking worry about vaginas for a while, is it really that difficult man?

    focus on yourself, heal yourself and build up your self-esteem and health. It will just take time but you will be great believe me.
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  5. Atillah67

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    Only have a small window to get my ex back. Saw her yesterday. Her rent runs up here at the end of the month, mine at the end of August. I need to be able to perform a few times to prove to her Im not a POS.
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    Don't get me wrong, sexual compatibility is a big part of a relationship. But if she's dipping in you because of a medical issue, even self generated, move the fuck on.

    I know the pussy isn't that good, even when you can hit it.
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    I wouldn’t touch an AI at all. Leave E2 where it is an work on maximizing your health.
    I’m not sure what your injection frequency is but a good place to start is to increase frequency and probably lower the dose a tad, maybe to 200mg/week
    You don’t need an AI. They cause lots of unnecessary problems for people on TRT.
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    She stayed with me for 6 months in the worst of the ED. She kept insisting ``we can get through this``. So its not like that. She was a keeper. But I need to make her know I will be able to at least satisfy her some of the time while I fix the problem, which I have been open about. I have an arsenal of ED medications ready, including MT2 and the frightening injections, so band-aids may need to do as I fix myself.
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    Thanks for your opinion. Why is that? How could I lower estrogen without crashing off my system for 3 months and slowly re-starting (which is the long-term plan). I took a tiny bit of adex today, but it was my first time.

    I had ED for years before touching T. The first 3 months on T were fucking epic, it was like I made up for 5 years of lost time in 90 days. But the erections became soft after that. That sounds like an estrogen getting to high sort of problem, and not a blood flow problem, as the NP and urologist have reiterated to me (I was out of the country and never thought to get blood work done, stupidly). I just finally got blood work twice recently and clearly, my E2 is a bit high and can be causing the problem.

    73 isnt` super over the ideal 60 limit, but my body is hyper-sensitive, fucking feels everything.

    The NP yesterday didn`t advise me to go off t completely right now if anything just drop the dosage down slightly and micro-dose, as you're saying. I`ve never tried that so I`ll start if its the best way to transition out.
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    This is a bunch of bullshit. Quit fucking around and get your shit fixed. You're young, there will be another girl.

    Also, unless you're growing tits, those E2 levels aren't bad at all. Not bad enough to warrant meds.
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    Merits something if after 2.5 months of only trt usage my dick goes soft again, consistently when a month before I was a walk erection. And yes, I started to develop bumps under my nipples until I took nolvadex for a few weeks. I haven`t touch nolva in months by the way.
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    I think your mesorx fix has run its course then...stop everything, then visit a doctor in 60 days if not feeling better.
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    High testosterone doesn't offset high estrogen side effects

    So either rollback T to 100 mg/w to allow E2 to lower
    or add an aromatase inhibitor
    Tiny dose Letro (1/4 to half a 2.5 mg tab a WEEK) worked great for me without totally crashing E2.
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    His e2 isn’t even that high and you recommend letro. Jesus Christ.

    OP, I’m going to bet my paycheck your ED has a LOT to do with stress, mental state, and your constant worry of ED. 73 is not astronomically high. Doubt it’s enough to even begin to cause persistent ED. Underlying medical issues? Injuries? Mental issues like depression or anxiety?
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    E2 is definitely high at 73
    OP @Atillah67 can you please post males E2 normal range stated on your bloodwork?
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    can you see it this way?

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    Where's the 73?
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    Weird, its not even on this one. I was told 73 by the NP who took my blood in office. This was a lab I ordered for myself a few days before, not knowing I would see anyone or get another test. This one just says 47 but HIGH.
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    change meds, you sound fucking nuts.

    The reality of things was the girl was probably already talking to someone else before she left.

    Not trying to sound harsh here, just being real
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    So your E2 isn’t 73...it’s 47. Which is barely high if I remember the reference range...
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