E2 & Prolacin results- whats your thoughts on this???

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  1. I'm 3 weeks into my proposed 8 week cycle. Pre-cycle bloods all values were within normal range. In fact i was completely off of any and all anabolics for 8 weeks prior to this cycle just to clean the fuck out and mainly give my lipids a chance to come back to normal.

    However, the cycle prior to that i had what i know realize were the first indications of gyno. I overlooked it because i was having a major acne breakout all over and confused the very small but hard bumps (2) around my areola. Although i had suspicion, but wrongfully assumed there were just those nasyy under the skin type acne that hurt like a bitch when pressed or touched. However, While those 8 weeks clean were expiring, and the acne had cleared up, the bumps never went away, and that pain by simply touching them has persisted ever since.

    Well, i was every eager to get back on cycle, and i sort of but the gyno issue on the back burner cause the discomfort of the gyno didn't really progress, and because i was dragging my feet to refresh my knowledge about nolva and aromasin. Mind you, i have never used any ancillary or pct protocal as i would just go straight into TRT after a blast.

    Anyway, back to the current cycle. I have been on the following compounds:
    100mg of Test P EOD strictly. That come to between 300 and 400 per week.
    200mg Mast P EOD strictly. That comes to between 600 and 800 per week.
    200mg NPP EOD strictly. That comes to between 600 and 800 per week.
    On the last 2 weeks was planning to drop the NPP and throw in some Winny IF my knees can take it.
    Ancillary on had: Aromasin, Nolva and clomid (pharmacy grade and brand).

    Bloods were drown on July 27th, just got results back today.
    E2 Sensitive = 47.2 Reference Range is 8.0 -->35.0 pg/ml.
    prolactin = 19.0 Referance Range is 4.0 --> 15.2 ng/ml.

    I don't beleive these values are high enough to warrant the aromasin. However, i have started the Nolva at 20mg ED. I belevie i will continue through and post cycle with the Nolva. I dont expect the E2 to climb much highr as i will not be incressing the test. Nevertheless, I will take another set of labs in another week.
    I've been on the Nolva exactly 6 days today. I'm sure its too soon to notice any improvement, as i hvae not.

    I am considering upping the Nolva dose to 40mg a day. but will hold off for the next set of bloods. Any thoughts and/or opinions???
  2. Although your posted values are outside range, there's no reason to panic. Stay the course and continue your current SERM protocol @ 20mg/day and you should see visual and physiological results in another week or so.
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  3. Thank you for you input. I’ve had E2 over 100 in the past with no noticeable issues. But that precious I was taking Test and Deca, and I think when I threw in the Dbol towards the end it tipped the scale unfavorable.

    Thank you again for your reassuring reply brother.
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    In my opinion you have surely high level of progesteron, it’s happened to me to me the same thing, when I tried a cycle with 400 mg week deca (stand alone) . prolactin and E2 inside range, but high level of prg. Unfortunately don’t exist medicine that can reduce prg
  5. I’m not sure I follow what your saying regarding the progesterone. I did have that tested. I assume your guessing that it would elevated because of the nandrolone?

    I don’t know much if anyting about progesterone but I did a google search and found the filling statement:

    “Not only is progesterone found in males, but men rely on the alleged "female hormone" to preserve their masculinity. In fact, progesterone is a precursor to testosterone - the male sex hormone. As men age and testosterone begins to decline, estrogen levels steadily rise”.

    According, it’s a good thing.
  6. @Jackreature, hey Doc, what’s your thoughts on the above point at issue good sir?