EA raided AGAIN

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    This was emailed yesterday evening....

    Enhanced Spearheads Fight For Freedom

    First & foremost, our fulfillment centers are still completely operational and we are still able to fulfill all past, present, and future orders in a timely matter across ALL Enhanced platforms. Our ability to conduct business is mostly unaffected but we fear a temporary shortage of some products in the near future.

    On Wednesday, December 6th at 6:00am PST the United States Food & Drug Administration and a few other government organizations executed a search warrant at several EA and non-EA related locations seeking to discover and confiscate Ostarine, DNP, and other research chemicals. The good news is that that we always knew that the FDA would one day pay a visit to our offices and so we were prepared for this. The FDA found and confiscated all reserves of Ostamuscle, many research chemicals, and virtually no DNP. This of course is because, as our fans already know, we do not sell DNP. In frustration, the government decided to call in the fire marshal and condemn our building due to unpermitted electrical work. (Seriously, our nearly 10,000 sq ft building was considered a fire hazard due to three unpermitted outlets) We are working with the authorities to regain access to our main production facilities and hope to be back to work manufacturing before Christmas. The FDA seized almost all raw materials and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of both finished and unfinished products. However they did not take ALL of our prducts. The good news is that the FDA approved our facility and will allow us to continue operations once the fire marshal clears us. Also, all past, present and, future orders will continue to be shipped unaffected. The bad news is that we expect to have a shortage of product once current stocks sell out because we will be unable to manufacture anything for an expected 2-3 weeks.

    Our attorneys are encouraging us to reconsider our decision to continue business as usual. We feel that freedom of information and choice, as long as provided within the context of the law, is imperative. This means that we intend to carry on doing what we have always done until told to do otherwise by the proper authorities. We also know that this was a warning shot from the government. Enhanced Athlete is more than just one product or a line of products. We are a global movement. We are perhaps the only company who puts the customer before profits and even the freedom of its officers. Tony travels the world and leaves no stone unturned in order to discover what chemicals and products exist that can assist our fans and researchers in their attempt to create superhuman physiques and increase the quality of life.

    We know what we do is controversial, but we refuse to bow down to the status quo or to allow a greedy Harvard lawyer to intimidate us into submission. That being said, if or when the government decides to crack down on SARMs and make them illegal, we will have no choice but to concede. We feel that that day is coming sooner than expected. We believe this to be the first time that the FDA’s Criminal Investigation Unit has executed a search warrant related to SARMs. Tony has always believed that SARMs are nearly as powerful as steroids in the correct dosages. This will come to the realization of the FDA and other government authorities eventually, if it hasn’t already. This means that the window of opportunity is closing on SARMS.

    We have almost thirty employees who are committed to providing quality products that actually do contain what they claim to contain on the label. A recent CNN article revealed that barely half of the purported “SARMs” available on the internet contain actual SARMs. You can read it yourself HERE . As you see by this article, the popularity of SARMs is growing and the Fake News is using scare tactics and misinformation in order to provoke the government into action. We are champions of Freedom and Truth, but we are outnumbered and out gunned. We are dedicated to continuing to fight for your right to experiment and to retain your right to choose. We are committed to providing the next generation of supplements and other products to market. Stay tuned, as we have over a dozen new products lined up to be released over the next two months.

    Stay Swell & Swole Our Friends of Freedom, Pioneers of Evolution..

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    Who is Tony and why does he think ostarine is as powerful as AAS in general? Lol
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    Tony is the owner. He thinks that because he sells it and he wants you to buy it.
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    I would not buy shit from a lab that sent out a don't worry, we are busted but still selling shit letter.
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    Yeah, that pretty much kills the business model doesn't it? Don't worry, all our correspondence is monitored, subpoenaed or otherwise looked into, but you just go ahead and order, son.
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    This is turning into quite the disaster for these guys.

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    Almost like he was taunting the fda and government with a big F U! Saying they only got our reserves and not our main stash.
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    That's what it is and using the customers as their pawns
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    "Virtually no DNP" ... So they found SOME DNP? If you don't sell DNP, then why would they find DNP there? Some weird, sneaky wording if you ask me
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    No different than the social media pages openly buying sarms and AAS under your real name. Test vast majority of the population is way way too dumb
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    ISarms should be next on the shit list.
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    Yeah...wish that ill on anyone in this game is bad karma.
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