Eating bull testicles


Good god man, NO!

Why on earth would testicles have any anabolic effect? People have been eating them for centuries and no ones gotten jacked off them. If the trace amounts of T in testicles could survive the first pass metabolism in the liver through oral ingestion then strong men of the 1800's would have been gobbling down 5 gallon buckets of bull elephant testicles.
Wait......maybe you have a point though...There was that 200 year epidemic of testicle thieves in Romania who castrated and took circus elephants balls whilst the beasts were and musk...incidentally...death by elephant trampling during that time was at an all time high as well...hmmm're on to something here...I'd finish this post but I have to go invest in vet pharma companies that produce heavy animal tranquilizers before the market gets flooded an anyone else figures out what you and I did.

You're the man


The only way to get big eating bull testicles is to be the brother that removes them from the bull. Wrestling those bull calves turns you into a man!