Eating For Growth TenGrams Style

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    So I've posted my 2019 choices of gear (that was fun) and I think many thought that it was just about the drugs in high doses. *by the way they have changed and I'll update it in that post* Some said "You've got to eat, sleep and train hard too bro, these high doses aren't getting you anywhere without proper diet bro!"

    Well like I said in that post, the planning is done in sections. I section it like this
    A. Drugs
    B. Food
    C. Training

    Simple A F right? That's right and I've started Nov 1st by the way.

    So for all of November my focus will be shoulders and arms, December will be legs, January Back, and arms again.

    The food is pretty simple, it looks like this:

    1)6:30 - 6 whole eggs, 1 scoop whey, 1 cup oats

    2)8:30 - 2 scoop whey, 2 scoop carb powder

    3)10:30 - 2 scoop whey, 2 scoop carb powder

    4)1:00 - 8 oz meat, 1 cup rice, 50g cashews

    5)4:00 - 6 whole eggs, 1 scoop whey, 1 cup oats

    6)6:30 - 8 oz meat, 1 cup rice, 50g cashews

    7)9:00 - 6 whole eggs, 1 scoop whey, 100g cashews

    8)11:00 - 2 cup egg whites, half pint ice cream

    9)1:30 - 2 cup egg whites, half pint ice cream

    10)3:30 - 2 cup egg whites, half pint ice cream

    540p 540c 206f

    6,175 calories

    Nov 1-8: 5 meals
    Nov 9-16: 6 meals
    Nov 17-24: 7 meals
    Nov 25-Dec 2: 8 meals
    Dec 3-10: 9 meals
    Dec 11-25: 10 meals

    So I'm progressing my food over time, basicly a meal added a week with 10 meals being extended 2 weeks.

    On the day prior to a shoulder or arm session I double my carbs, I've come to the conclusion that rather the day OF having extra carbs that's not enough time for my body to store it as muscle glycogen. If I were to take insulin, then extra carbs the day of would be an effective method, but no insulin for me yet.

    I guess I'll throw my drugs for Nov in here too,

    750 Test E
    600 Deca
    12.5 aromasin eod

    1g Test E
    100 Test P eod
    600 Deca
    100 NPP eod
    5iu GH one shot 60min before meal 1
    1mg arimidex eod
    (GH, orals and TNE on training days only)

    *December pre workout protocol*
    Hour and a half pre
    -100 Test No Ester
    Hour pre
    -75 Anadrol
    -30 Dbol

    Ok, let's hear it :)
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    Only a pound of meat? I eat way more than that currently and it sounds like I'm not nearly as big as you. Is there a reason you prefer protein powder over Whole Food?
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    My kids would like it. Zero vegetables.
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    No I actually haven't used powder in years, I use egg whites. But I found a brand that's decent and does great with my stomach. So I decided to change it up. For this go I am focusing on just getting it down, processing it, eliminating it, repeat. For me this is best done with eggs, the egg and oats can be replaced with a meat and other carb source (this WILL happen, most likely mcdoublers or if I want to eat out somewhere)

    And in my opinion, egg whites and oats are whole foods
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  6. tengtren

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    Waste of stomach space. I have supplements for that :)
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    Are you waking up in the middle of the night to eat?
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    I'm in bed by 9, so when I get to that stage of meals at 11,1 and 3 yes. Awake for only 10-15 min probably less
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    Waking up for meals is a zero sum game.

    540gr of protein is dumb.

    I don't get the point of your threads...
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    Whoops thank you! :)

    You must be very smart :)
  11. Endure

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    Waking up that much seems like it would be more detrimental than the food intake. I understand maybe once in the night if really being a hard gainer.
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    No room lol. I get my greens in a supp. @tengtren advise you to do the same, just for nutritions sake.

    God damn wish I could fall back asleep like that...

    Overall, another pillar we don’t agree on lol. It does sound infinitely easy to get down than my diet.

    Also, @Eman my protein was down around 320-350. I went and sought pro help and it went to 500. My knowledge from reading says I agree with you. The results so far (granted it has come with a lot of other changes) says this can work. It also has not affected my blood work as most people would preach it would. No clue if I’ll maintain it, but for now I’m listening to my coach. My .02 on protein intake.
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    That's what I meant by I have supps for that
    sleep meds
    if I were to do these all meat and a carb source my stomach would be so bloated I wouldn't be able to walk
    after the two weeks of the 540p I will go back down to 5 meals and repeat
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    That's going to be one hell of a shit. You might want to deploy a courtesy flush or two.
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    My girl appreciates your consideration thanks
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    I have a suspicion that Rich Piana faked his death to come to Meso as @tengtren.....
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    That video series he did influenced my style a bit yes
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    Personally I'd replace all of the whey with steak. I'm at 3lbs of ribeye a day right now. I'm not a very sciency person, but i do feel a noticable amount bigger/stronger on 3lbs of salty, fatty ribeye than i do 5 protein shakes.
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    I think your protein intake is too high and i disagree with you sacrificing your good sleep. You constantly disrupting it will do u more harm than good imo. I dig your enthusiasm though
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    I know you've been asked before and said no but before/after pics would be really beneficial.