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    I'm not sure if there is a thread on this topic ..I couldn't find one. Recently money has become a little tight and it.made me realize how much money I was spending on food needless to say I no longer habe the money I once did for food. Lately I have been eating alot of hard boiled eggs, canned tuna, pb&j, chicken breasts, Greek yogurt if I can find it cheap. Anyone have any experience having to eat cheap but trying to have a good diet ? What did you eat ?
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    Eating cheap and healthy is very, very easy. I do most of my shopping at Sprouts. I also check ads for good deals on meat. I recently bough chicken breat for .44 cents a pound. The next week it was .88 cents to I stocked up.

    For streaks, learn the butcher anatomy of a cow. I always find cuts of the chuck being sold as a roast for 6 bucks a pound, the same steaks go for over 17 a pound.
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    I recently started using the adds that come in the paper for my super market. I have been able to find tilapia relatively cheap..also when I am too lazy too cook I habe been going to whole foods. They have great prepared food that you can eat there. Today I got a tilapia steak that was 3/4 pound blackened and a half pound of sweet potato salad for like $6
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  4. Intestine meats are always good and cheap.

    I have a bit of calf liver for lunch every other day with some rice.

    Kidneys are also good.

    Just make sure to clean them the smell of piss is pretty pungent.

    Heart is what I'm eating at the moment. Easy to cook.
    An about 1.30 a pound.
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    Shittt dude I've never looked into coupons before, always just went to costco or sams clubs. Can't say I've heard of a sprouts before though. Must be your version of Chicago's jewel osco
  6. Old fashioned plain oats
    Chicken breast
    Whole milk
    Whole eggs
    White rice
    Essiantials bro got your carbs fats and protein.
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    Sprouts is basically a farmers market chain grocery store, everything is healthy and affordable. I get coupons every week, look at them when I eat.
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    This whole meal maybe cost me a little over 2 bucks a person.

    Chicken breast was on sale for .88 cents, this is 1lb
    Sweet potato was .99 cents a pound with coconut oil and butter a few cents used.
    Salad .69 cents a piece for red and green leaf lettuce (I get a total of three and lasts me a week)

    Eat like a caveman, make gains and its cheap 0802152011a.jpg
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    I think I could put that in a blender...
  10. I'd try it.

    I don't think I can gulp that down without regurgitating.

    From the gains of course.
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    Solid advice. I would also add it's often a lot cheaper to buy the whole chicken and cut it up yourself than to buy pieces of it; The breast, especially, is often highly marked up.

    Pulses are also a very good source of nutrients that's both cheap and tasty.
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  12. Don't forget the rotisserie chickens at Costco/Safeway/Walmarts , good tasting cheap and ready to eat .
    Cook up some Great Value mixed vegetables (w/ Lima beans) and your gtg .

    I also get 85% hamburger meat and boil it 10 minutes rolling boil , drain it and add it to rice or eggs or just eat it. Cuts over half the fat and taste better than lean HB.
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    I want to start doing this bro. How would you go about trying to mix a chicken breast, boiled potato, an broccoli? Do I need to just put a shit load of water in it until its smooth or is their a better way? Im going to start doing this....seriously.
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  14. Add just enough water you can drink it . If you choke add more water . Mix on high . Goodluck . Lol
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    I can pretty much slam anything that's infront of me so lets hope its as easy said then done lmfao
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    I pin 8cc of broccoli a day fuck this drinking bullshit
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    When you figure out how to pin a breast lmk lol.
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    I did, it gave me gyno though
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    ground meats, rice , beans, leafy greens...water...
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    Costco rotisserie chickens are the best and huge. Ill have to try your hamburger trick. I do the same with a boneless chuck roast and makes nice shredded beef.
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