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    Hello :)

    We were asked to post here by request of a member from your board. We have been providing US domestic analytical services for AAS for a few years now and other substances for much longer, working primarily on SST and with vendors from various DNMs.

    We primarily use HPLC/MS, but we also have the ability to perform SEC and other analytical methods. We ask that you please send blind samples unless you absolutely want to label them for some reason, but we much prefer you give us as little information about the substance as possible to avoid doubt.

    Here are some examples of the results you would receive: .

    Links to recent blind sample tests:

    Checkmate Labs Test E
    Southern Compounding Aromasin Energy Control
    EC Analytical - SoCo's Test E 400mg/mL - 396mg/mL
    Texas Mass Tren Ace Lab Analysis by EnergyControl - 126mg/mL
    Anadrol from AG February/March by Energy Control

    Your results are always guaranteed. If there is ever doubt and you provide an identical sample to have tested by a different analytical services that we approve, upon receipt of results and proof of prior purchase with us we will completely refund our test, because we are that confident in our results and know it will only serve to propagate trust in our abilities.

    Until 05/31/2018, vendors may supply us a sample of Oxandrolone (Anavar) for 1/2 price to prove they are selling legitimate product.

    Prices and additional information can be found here: .

    All the best,
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    Would you be willing to post the user name of who referred you? That would go a long way if it was one of the reputable members
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    It was me.
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    Glad to have you here! Hopefully you have seen we have an Alibaba growth hormone thread we are in need of help with. So far two of your test results have come back however there has been some.... Speculation.... on the part of one particular member as to the validity of your test results. I'm very glad to see you are on Meso so we can clear this up quickly. I hope that you are as upstanding as you sound, and if so, you will have plenty of business from the members here, myself included. Again welcome to Meso.
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    I would not call an accusation, to which they had admitted a speculation - with all due respect.

    This is the raw data they gave one of their customers: (backup - )

    This is the explanation for their 'raw data' that they provided:

    Now check the pictures in this study which they have copied and provided to their customer as the raw data:

    They have admitted to lying and providing fake data on SST.

    They are also having unverifiable and plain false claims such as that SIMEC detects Anavar at 240 nm - to steer away attention from their own incompetence. Everybody here can look up raw data on AnabolicLab where SIMEC uses completely different detection method. They have switched the story about why they faked the data multiple times (and edited the posts).

    Luckily, administrators on SST can pull edited post history.

    They have also claimed that their methods are "totally valid" and "perfectly accurate" which is verifiable with a "quick Google search."

    They have not provided the quick google search results since yesterday - which is a clear indication of yet another lie (which I, as a person experienced in analytical chemistry can easily debunk).

    I was also able to debunk their totally valid and accurate data with a simple math with publicly available literature, which anybody can verify by themselves.

    The hunt for a new lab for testing

    Literally all they have posted so far have been lies and proofs of incompetence.
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    Now - their defense to these accusations was not addressing them, but them trying to ad hominem me and switch the topic away from their lies onto me - as they have tried over 10 of pages of discussion on SST. I will not react to such posts in this thread. Enough of that have been said here, on Meso. If you want to talk about it there a thread specifically dedicated to the issue with me.

    Now, members should ask themselves if they will choose to believe data that are verifiable independently of my claims or it they will let themselves be steered into emotional argument and insulting me.

    I can only help you with interpretation and noticing things, that a person without the education might not notice and I will gladly do so.
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    I highly recommend everyone check the thread in reference Janoshik is referring to -- he attempted to recruit members in the SST Discord because his abrasive tactics weren't working, begging them to help him. He threatened to "fuck me up", to dox me and contact all labs in my region to have me arrested, and ignored all instances of me asking him to address a customer of mine who claims Janoshik "tested" a package that was returned unopened to him. His attitude since I first debuted on SST has done nothing to assure me his intentions are anything but malicious because of competitive bias.

    We went back and forth for about six hours while I was called a little bitch, an idiot, and a cunt. I was never able to have Janoshik remain professional or calm while refusing to address any points I had made despite my constant replies. He was unable to answer how we have accurately tested countless blind samples. I'm still curious! In fact, we've even tested a sample Janoshik has before and the results were almost identical. :)
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    I'm more interested in your response to @Millard Baker's post that was referenced above.
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    We've been over this since our introduction at SST -- we've never made claims to be Energy Control Spain, we just have two members who volunteered for them years ago and when they wanted to open up a domestic analytical service, this is what they came up with -- a mix of good memories and weird OPSEC ideas at the time. They have communications and still sometimes visit Spain, but we want to be clear we don't have any official ties or connections with this service.

    Edit: By the way -- we totally don't mean this as an "ugh, we've been over this!", it was more so that we're used to answering it and want to be clear we've always been this way. Just want to make sure nothing comes across rudely. :)
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    Can we see pictures of your equipment?
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    Unfortunately not-- as we are a domestic service and our rough location will become known fairly quickly (since people are mailing samples to addresses in the area), it would be incredibly easy to identify where exactly our lab is located due to the nature and cost of acquiring such equipment (it's incredibly expensive and not just anyone can get it, so it'd become easy to narrow down). We are happy to go into detail about our methods and the chemistry behind them, but we hope this answer clarifies the dangers doing so would have for an American operation.
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    But if you hide the background with some black plastic bag, no one can see your location.
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    You lifted images from a journal article and presented it as your data. What the fuck?
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    What if a guy sent out 2 vials from the same batch of a different peptide/protein? Both mailed on the same day; 1 to Jano and 1 to EC....should the results match exactly from each lab?
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    Sounds like a good idea. They shouldn't know that, that is what is happening though.
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    Good catch. An explanation is needed for this one as well @EnergyControl. With all the hoo-ha surrounding your testing company it is important to clear up these accusations and questions for Meso members.
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    Reproduciblity should be within 20% for split sampled, an r- squared value of 1 is desired.
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    Those pictures are hella blurry, I can't make out any of the words. Cam you clean them up and repost?