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    Does anyone have experience of worsening ED throughout their 20s and early 30s and ever turned it around? That's mine. Nothing fixes it and it's just gotten worse. 100 mg of viagra gives me a 75% boner barely able to penetrate. melanotan 2 works but makes me severely nauseated even with Antihistamines. You also have to plan 6 hours beforehand and sometimes it doesn't work. It also turns me 10 shades darker if I use it more than once a week.

    TRT dosage at first worked well at 30- I was able to have penetrative, good sex for the first time since 26. But it only lasted a bit and then things went back to baseline- nothing. I've tried high dosage, low 100 mg a week, going off for 6 months with pct, AI, hcg, nolvadex etc. Nothing works to get me to a normal, basic functional sex drive.

    Doctors always assumed it was psychological or due to roids in the past (I have never touched the harder stuff). Finally they are wondering if there has been a physical aspect throughout my entire adult life. I will see a specialist referenced from my urologist finally and then he may send me off to a clinic on the West Coast for a prosthesis- if I am even a candidate. I cant afford such a thing right now but down the road I will do what I need.

    I have struggled with depression from young age. I experienced strong sex drive early on, but developed some weird guilt complex after my first girlfriend. I was unsuccessful at sustaining erections for the next few women and avoided sex until 21. I was able to have reasonable sex with a woman once I was put on lamictal and lifted out of depression. However, the drive eventually left. I was put on prozac at 25 and for 4 months was a sex maniac, then I had no sex drive at all. They took me off the anti depressant where I became actually depressed and no sex drive would return until 27. 27-28 had positive years in general and mood was quite good, but sex drive faltered whenever confidence did. Sex drive was strong and reasonable when life with chosen woman was well, but once things went sour I was unable to lift myself out of the hole for years. Depression, avoiding all contact and little nocturnal erections continued. This cycle all happened before I touched shot of testosterone.

    Any one want to take a guess at what is going on here? I am 34 now, have recenty had my gf of two years leave me (having sex once a month can drive a woman mad) and only get nocturnal erections 50% of the time. When I do, I am woken up, as they are full erections that I never get while in waking life, unless I use MT2. I have caverject shots sitting in my fridge but they hurt like hell and I dont see that as a long-term solution to this. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Early childhood sexual trauma issues, went to therapy for years about it to meager results. The switching back and forth between sexual non-sexual has been typical since early but now it seems my mind and body have calcified it into a real disorder. And getting older will only worsen physical symptoms.
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    Also, I used to take trazodone for sleep issues. It caused priapism. I was always woken up by powerful erections that many times wouldn't go away. This was the past 2 years. But I was so tired at the time I couldn't wake up my girl and ask if she wanted it. The powerful erections are correlated with extreme exhaustion. Its interesting they still havent figured out a drug that can demonstrate the true power of something like MT2 or trazadone without all of the side effects. I just want to be able to keep a girlfriend and start a family within the next few years. Seems like a complete fantasy right now.
  3. Have you tried the therapy, like actually tried being honest, open-minded and put effort into it? Sounds like some deep psychological issues causing this which is why I’d recommend finding a psychiatrist/therapist that you’re actually comfortable with and put in the effort honest, be honest and open-minded while you pursue the organic side.
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    I am going to pursue it. Might as well. Its like something shuts off in my mind and even if i want to be in the mood, I am disconnected from my cock. Thank you.
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    The only two things that obiviously give me an erection even if I dont want one is trazadone and MT2. Sadly, I cannot harness these without impossible sides.
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    The only thing that doesnt sound psychological is when I lack the ability to get morning wood- which has happened off and on for over a decade but is ALWAYS coorelated with a massive depressive episode anyways. Doc at least started me on Welbutrin today. Why not try it out. I will not give up.
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    If treatment of your ED is as hopeless and you make it seem and implant may be a good option. I've never heard of a young person with such an extreme case of ED unless it's related to the side effects of drugs. I feel for you and I hope you find a solution, everyone deserves happiness.
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    thanks. its been pretty awful the past few years. I was able to have a reasonable sex life while taking 500 mg of t and living in Colombia and using viagra. when i moved back to the US, that died quickly until it became a pathology in my mind again for the past 3 years. it went on in my 20s as well. i am determined to fix it. life is too short.
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  9. That’s good, I mean even tho it doesn’t happen all the time but you can get a pretty rigid boner sometimes in your sleep so it’s likely not broken. I know viagra works for regular performance anxiety but if these traumas or psychology issues are strong and deeply rooted I can see viagra not being fully effective, so yea definitely good that you’ll work with a therapist as well.

    Have you tried pt-141? I heard it won’t make you tan, might still make you nauseated, one of the two times I tried pt it made me kind of nauseated, nothing too bad, overall tho I was not impressed, could of been the brand or the over the top reviews made me expect more.

    I don’t think lack of morning wood necessarily guarantees it’s an organic issue, only that it’s possibly physically related. Like they say guys that watch too much porn may not get morning wood, it’s possible something psychological could impact it.

    Tbh I’ll go days sometimes without morning wood, and it’s been a long time since I’ve woken up with a super rigid boner but I don’t have issues when I’m awake.

    But I remember back when I was overly concerned with morning wood and ed the anxiety seeped into my dreams, like I remember having a sex dream and in my dream I kept checking to see if I had a boner and I became aware that in my sleep I was flexing or squeezing my dick..so I think even a mental issue can impact morning wood.
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    This might be interesting. Though hopefully he starts on a low does since Welbutrin can be rather stimulating. An important thing to recognize is that with MT2, there is a spillover effect onto dopamine systems and this might be part of why it is helpful. So dopamine agonists tend to be pro-sexual.

    There is a forum about ED, injection, implants, etc. that you might find helpful: FrankTalk
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    PT 141 did nothing for me but MT2 worked well. This is how Ive maintained a sex life at all. However, you ahve to plan 3-4 hours ahead, it causes nausea and sometimes the shits, and its effectiveness seems to wane as I used it more often. It also turns me black with a lot of usage, nothing wrong with that, but my family wondered why I was so dark in the middle of winter. Other people say PT 141 worked great for them.

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    That was my thinking. What if my brain isnt producing enough dopamine to register a sex drive? Im only on 75 mg right now. Its at least worth a shot. As you know, docs are really unsure why I have this issue.
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    Have you ever done any extensive bloodwork into all of your hormones
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    Its hard to imagine how a childhood trauma that I dont remember could cut off most of my natural sex drive. But I guess its possible. I remember having tremendous guilt about a sexual relationship when I was 16. and thats when the ED started. 14-15 I was a walking erection, per usual for that age. So its possible the mind is the most powerful. Its just, in all these years, I havent been able to undo it.

    as far as dopamine, when I was REALLY HAPPY about my life, non sexual stuff, I did nt usually have this issue, or it was greatly diminished. My brain was in a different state. Physical ED gets worse as you age, but not this quickly in usual circumstance.s

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    Yes. Doc saw nothing that showed anything that would cause this. Is there anywhere online I can have blood work ordered?
  16. I could tell it did something, but it felt like it decreased sensitivity and gave me a viagra like effect. Usually a decent amount of natural hormone production and not being overly stressed is all I need, I still might take a viagra as an insurance lol.

    I’ve noticed besides drugs the worst libido and the mild ed issues I’ve had were when I was depressed, stressed about libido or on trt without hcg but even then I was too focused on it.

    That kind of stuff gets rooted in the subconscious, the shame you felt from having sex is likely due to that. And prior to those you had no issues, i think those with congenital issues that affect libido and erections would probably cause issues as a teenager. Like I got paranoid I might have Klinefelter syndrome cause my balls 6 months into trt without hCG were on the smaller side, but further reading I realized they’re like 3x larger than those with Klinefelters plus I remember getting boners when I looked at girls when I was 5 and getting them often from then on lol. Anyway my point in mentioning all this is that any issues I’ve had with libido or even low T were caused by either my mind or some external factor with the low t which is why I’m pct’ing.

    Yes typically sudden ed in young men usually points to a mental cause, unless maybe you had a penile fracture I guess. I think a skilled mental health professional can help, you just have to be patient and find one that’s good and you’re comfortable with, and then patient again cause it’ll prob take time.
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    Im curious if this can even be undone. I had a dream last night i was exploring my mind like woods in the dark, trying to get to the part where this is. In the dream I was convinced it was a literal part.

    Anyways, do you know where I can order hcg online? It is necessary for erections if I am TRTing, which I am right now.
  18. I’m sure it could be, or at least the grip can be lessened maybe. I think they say dreams are the only time the subconscious communicates with you.

    There are several sources in the underground section that have hCG, most are international, a few domestic tho. There’s one that’s no longer on the board that’s domestic that carries it they I just got some from if you’re interested. I prefer Ovitrelle, it’s more expensive because it’s recombinant hCG.

    I wouldn’t say hCG is necessary for erections, it’s more for getting some testicular function which gives you back some hormonal production lost and helps fertility as well. When I was on trt after awhile I lost sensitivity and libido, but when I added hCG I got back sensitivity and a boost libido. Funny thing is now that I’m off trt and using serms I have more libido like when I was natty with decent T levels (knock on wood).
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    I used hcg almost all of last year when I cycled. The doc took my sperm count and said HCG probably played a part in keeping it alive. Im not sure. When I went off T for 5 months last year, I had spontenous erections for a week, getting them when I hugged a girl, and then everthing dissappered. I live 4 hours from Mexico, I can just drive and pick up a bunch on a day off. Legal to bring back, just a slight hassle.
  20. Yeah hCG can do that, especially if you start it at the same time as trt it’ll preserve it. If you’ve been on trt for awhile on lost fertility which most do or at least go very low, hCG alone can bring it back, although not as effectively as combining clomid or hmg/fsh, and probably not at the dose most use, 250iu 2x/wk. Either way it’ll keep your balls from going into a full coma.

    Yeah I guess if you’re close to Mexico it makes sense, if it’s to save $ you’ll probably spend more on gas, unless you can bring back a lot.

    I think the increase libido with hCG or going off T has to do with all the hormones not covered by trt, or maybe T levels in your balls help with more than fertility?
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