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  1. kalel02

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    running teat/eq at 600/wk each. In the fourth week currently. I can get an erection just not as good as normal and don’t keep it very well. I run adex.5mg eod. Should I change my adex dosage/timing? Not sure if this is an estrogen side effect, not having any other kind of estrogen symptoms. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Get blood work
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  3. How much test are you using and what Ester of test? It might be too low or hasn’t really kicked in yet and it sounds like your adex crashed your estrogen. You can get similar erection symptoms from too high estrogen as well as too low.
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  4. kalel02

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    600 a week of test e.
  5. Mac11wildcat

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    Any other sides? Bloods are best here, but if you’ve seen no estrogen sides back the dex down to e3d or twice a week and see if it helps. This is highly individual. Without blood work we’re just guessing; can be OK if you’re experienced but doesn’t sound like you are.
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  6. m314

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    Posters on reddit say that EQ can act as an AI and crash your estrogen levels if you're taking asin with it. I haven't confirmed this with my own bloodwork, since I haven't used EQ in years. It always destroyed my sex drive when I ran it.
  7. Mac11wildcat

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    This is why we don’t use Reddit.

    EQ aromatizes (at a very minimal rate however). It is not, as far as I know, in any way an AI.
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  8. And when did you start taking your adex?
  9. m314

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    Some people claim that their estradiol was in range with cycles like 800 mg test / 800 mg EQ with no additional AI, and that EQ crashes their estradiol if they aren't running high test with it. I can't confirm it personally.

    I gave up on EQ a long time ago. Sex is too important to me. I greatly prefer DHB and primo over EQ.
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    I did a 500 test E/600 EQ 18 week cycle earlier this year and at the end I was having some problems. Blood work was perfect except my hemocrit was 2 points over the “normal” range. Nothing cialis didn’t fix but I’m still convinced it was the EQ.
  11. No. You have the wrong compound or it’s broscience.

    EQ is a testosterone derivative so it aromatizes just like testosterone but at 50%
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  12. kalel02

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    Took it starting day 1 at eod
  13. Mac11wildcat

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    That’s definitely part of the problem my dude. .5mg EOD nuked you from the get go. That’s 2 weeks before one full pin of test reached a half-life and probably more than you need mid cycle even.

    Back it down and report back.
  14. Test_Subject

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    Seeing as EQ converts to estrogen, no.

    Friends don't let friends get steroid advice from Reddit.
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  15. Mac11wildcat

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    I wouldn’t mind some of this test-offsetting EQ tho. Sounds fuckin’ legit...
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  16. kalel02

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    Thanks my man. Will do
  17. m314

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    This is a good article by Mike Arnold.

    Boldenone – Realizing its full potential | IronMag Bodybuilding Blog

    "Boldenone metabolizes to an anti-aromatase inhibitor known as 1,4 dienedone."

    It's funny how basic information about AAS can be learned and discussed online for years, yet certain message boards don't get the news.

    This was also discussed on mindandmuscle years ago.

    Anabolic Steroid - Boldenone - Mind And Muscle

    "In addition, boldenone is metabolized to 1,4 dienedione which is a potent aromatase inhibitor."
  18. Sven_Northman

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    Exactly. And they also say that masteron acts like an AI when what is really going on is it masks the symptoms of high estrogen. I learned that the hard way. No pun intended.
  19. Mac11wildcat

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    You have proven me wrong on the metabolizing to an AI. but also be aware the Reddit threads claiming crashed E2 were in the order of grams of EQ with TRT test doses. Aside from maybe being a hyper responder to 1, 4 dienedone, 600mg EQ won’t offset 600mg Test.
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  20. BigNattyDaddy

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    Interesting, I've never heard that Masteron masks high e2 symptoms. Does it mask all of them or just certain ones?