ED with Morning Wood

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by jonkobeck, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. jonkobeck

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    Lately I have noticed I am developing symptoms of ED. I can still get hard if with the right person for example, but not as hard as I think I could get. Watching porn doesn't get me hard any longer for example. But on the other hand I do get morning wood.
    What do these symptoms should like?

    Thinking about adding cialis
  2. bluepush

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    I've had this from the get-go, but the wife stones me up 99 percent of the time, the other one percent I blame on the bourbon. Lol

    hcg regimen makes a big difference for me, but beyond the meds, I have a few questions. How have you been sleeping - any changes? Sleep apnea can impact your morning wood. Do you drink, if so, been going any heavier lately? Has your physical activity changed; too much or not enough could be the problem? Just some thoughts...
  3. Dr JIM

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    Dude over the past six years you’ve tried it ALL from gels, pellets injections, creams, pills and who knows what else, yet in spite of more than therapeutic TT levels you still have “ED”!

    Perhaps you might want to consider a functional source of your problem.

    Just a thought
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  4. TideGear

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    Help us out @Dr JIM , what are some examples of functional sources for his problem?
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  5. bluepush

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    We're all different of course, but every time I get my cardio and health in check, I'm a horny sum'bitch - lead in pencil, morning wood, wife just can't look at me the wrong way ya know. Things get more wayward as my cardio ebbs and flows.

    I prefer to think that we can take care of ourselves first over mechanical means. But, I'm just coming in from the fringe here.
  6. jackbladezzz

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    Was going to post the exact same thing. A lot of guys seem to forget this could be a very real answer to their problem.
  7. Xlgx

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    Sounds mental
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  8. jonkobeck

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    Yup I was just going to ask the same question
  9. bluepush

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    Yeah, read it multiple times, you can fuck right off...

    Wow - let's be a dick because that's what encourages people to share ideas. Chill out man. We're lucky to have the input. How about you go to medical school and do better?

    Maybe, just maybe, he needs more to go on than just a post on a forum, and an actual in person assessment might be more beneficial to determine the right course of action. Maybe Dr. Jim's suggestion that things might be more mechanical is an actual, viable suggestion.

    In your entire brilliant mind all you can come up with is calling someone you don't personally know a "faggot." Your response to this, unless it's, "I'm a daft prick and I'm sorry," is inconsequential. Goodnight peon.
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    This was in response to a jerk posting, not the OP, but I can't seem to remove my post from the app I'm using to read the forum. Just fyi for any passers by.
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    I would still like to hear what "functional sources" of Ed means. Im not being sarcastic. It would be nice to have some examples though. Now I remember why I stopped positing on this forum and just lurked for the last few years :)
  12. bluepush

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    Avoiding porn, keeping the stimuli in the realm of reality, to actual manual surgical pumps and specific meds that make your shit hard for you - lots of options. I'd like to think that diet, balance of meds, sleep, and overall health are more of a solution; that's all I was getting at.

    Eh, sorry about the memory jog. I've been a lurker *only* for about almost a decade. Lol

    Still hate the keyboard commandos, can't help it.
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    Serious question brother i see u have been a member for a long ass time .... are u on daily ? That’s a long time and barely any post
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    Lol, makes you wonder who they were before this handle got used again
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    Pretty much...took about 5 years off, but I'm more of a reader than a talker.