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    whats up to everyone here on MesoRX!!I am looking foward to gaining new insight and knowledge from all of you!! i am 38 years old, 5'10, 200lbs 8.5%(estimated BF%) (... i have competed in several national powerlifting competions. competed in the 181, 198, 220, Lifts 600 dead, 550 squat, 400 bench all natural USPA . following my last powerlifting event i decided to use gear... first shot was 400 mg test ethanate. .. i have cycled tren A, test Prop, deca, test cyp, test ethanate, winny, EQ, tren E, clen, sust, ect.. never used hgh... i currently use 100mg every 4 days (HRT).. i plan on increasing to 200mg every 4 days next month.. my test production was completely shut down before the HRT. i also had secondary test shutdown FSH/LH where both 0.. i am a long time fan of this forum but this is the first time as a member. i am def looking to add more andro/anabolics to my current HRT diet... I look foward to sharing more with all of you !!!
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