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    On April 1, 2015, POTUS Obama declares national emergency to criminalize donations to Edward Snowden:


    Edward Snowden’s official legal defence fund (run by Courage Foundation) has been requesting donations at this website:

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    Snowden is a hero in my eyes as he's exposed the NSAs sneaky surveillance tactics that have even ordinary people getting spied on.
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    Other than it being illegal, I'm not exactly sure. It sound likes the government can take your stuff if you donate to Snowden. And if you are a foreigner living/working in the US or seeking to visit the US who has donated, you can be kicked out of the country. Am I right?
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    Thats about what i got out of it, as always the goverment makes vage laws to do as they wish.
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    Don't be surprised if snowden just disappears...That's the next step put into place i'm sure..Things in life we Just cant escape,,,,Corruption...!
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    I am sure that Snowden is on the most wanted list so no surprise. As soon as he steps outside Russia he could get seized.
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    "they hate our freedom!" GWB.

    Yes, you cannot blame them.
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    I guess Obama is worried Snowden will raise more money than he can for Hillary.
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    He's not that stupid to leave a safe haven voluntarily. If our government ever gets a hold of him you'll never know it.
    OOPS...Sorry, I meant to say your government. I don't have anything to do with those SOBS. :D
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    Ridiculous to legislate this. What makes this so bad? He helped to expose pure evil. So tired of the old republican\democrat scheme and repeating the same cycles our parents did a generation ago. Enemies during session, golf together on the weekends. Classic banana in the tailpipe of decent Americans.
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    Snowden is a patriot, and he sacrificed his life in many ways so that the American people would know that our government was invading our privacy in every way feasible. It's sad that there hasn't been more of a public uproar over the "controversy" surrounding this guy, what he brought to light, and how our government has treated him like a terrorist for sacrificing his constitutional rights in order to protect the values and rights that this country was founded upon.
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    I'd wager Snowden is vastly more intelligent than the sideshow clowns working in our federal government. He's a hero in my eyes as well, 10,000 times the man than any of our presidents for the past several decades. Snowden placed his morals above his job, and that subsequently ruined the life that he once knew. Only a fool would label him a traitor... The real treasonous bastards are sitting pretty, high up in our government, tossing ethics and morals aside for the relentless pursuit of absolute power and domination.
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    It is also deeply saddening to know that the government I grew up trusting, almost worshipping, has forsaken all of us working class individuals for a measly dollar! I will always love my country, but the same cannot be said for the criminals in Washington.
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  15. Michael Scally MD

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    With millennials gaining influence, surveillance reform is inevitable

    In late February, the American Civil Liberties Union commissioned a global poll surveying millennials (18- to 34-year-olds) in 10 countries, including the United States, about their opinions of Snowden and what the effect of his disclosures will mean for privacy. The results confirmed that surveillance reform, like marriage equality, will come about because of generational change.

    The poll showed that in every country surveyed — Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Spain and the U.S. — millennials have an overwhelmingly positive opinion of Snowden. In continental Europe, 78% to 86% has positive opinions of him. Even in the United States, where the Justice Department has charged Snowden with espionage, 56% view him favorably.
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    Only 56%?....That to me, say's a lot about "us" :(
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    Yeah true, I've lost respect as well.
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  19. You don't think compromising Western intelligence operators/operations that have nothing to do with civil liberties is bad?

    At best, Snowden is a naive idealist whose only redeeming quality is that he exposed the NSA's spying on US citizens. At worst he's a criminal begging for protection from the Kremlin in exchange for his cooperation. Whatever Snowden is, a hero he is not.
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