Effect of HGH and peptides on people past their prime

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    I decided to start this thread with specific purpose of having dedicated space for discussion about anti-aging properties of Human Growth Hormone and related peptides over health and quality of life of people past their prime (50 and older). Let's for once restrain from talking about top color, sources and prices and rather share personal experiences and stories.

    Let's see what happens, shall we? :)

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    your going to get old taking hgh or peptides will not make a lot of difference . their is no fountain of youth.
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    ...and this is exactly why I started this thread! I want to separate myth from reality based on real life evidences, if such really exist.

    I was on team building sync at Charlotte, NC last week and met some of my colleagues for first time. While I have spoken with all of them many times and have seen their pictures, I was terrified to find I am the older member of the team. Now I come to find I am about the only one over 55 on this board. Looks like my family doctor was (partially) right when he said early last year "Your don't feel happy because... you're getting old". Thanks God I did not believe him :)

    It is a human nature to look back and feel the nostalgia for the days when we felt on the top of the world. It also true we well, that as we age, the desperation to "turn back the clock" overcomes our common senses. HGH as such is not an exception.

    Frankly, i did not elected to try HGH in search of "fountain of youth". I did because... I can afford it, simple as that. Sales pitch as "Faster nails growth, better sleep, better skin appearance, improved well being" means nothing to me. Those are all subjective assessments sometimes borderline with placebo effect and wishful thinking - "I've paid shitload of money and my nails are definitely growing faster, hence I did not waste my money". Yeah...

    And then, there is science. I have researched the subject of hormones long before I had my first "pin". Around two years, to be exact. I did subscribed to medical journals, both paper and online. Occasionally I have discussions with authors for better understanding the scopes and goals of particular studies. I challenge, in my mind, every claim of "breakthrough research" and never, ever take claims on non scientific discussion forums (like this one) for granted. So should you, by the way...

    My conclusion is "the fountain of youth" is maintaining balanced essential hormonal levels, ideally in the upper 95% for particular age group.

    Here is one interesting graph from reputable source - effect of declining HGH production on igf-1 levels.


    ...and in easy to read table:


    In my case, my baseline IFG-1 of 96 (May 2016) puts me below the median level of 85-90 years old.



    In my case, my baseline Total Testosterone of 334 (May 2016) puts me in the lowest 5% of my age group. Ironically, the table below makes me 100 years old.


    Anyhow, different labs, different methods, reference ranges etc. And yet, the sad truth is - I did felt as 80 years old (minus shitting in bed while sleeping). And besides feeling old physically, the quality of life simply was not there. Indeed, my family Dr decided "You are depressed" and try to push SSRI (not surprisingly, I have new physician now).

    Before beginning of the journey:
    Weight: 207lb
    Body Fat: 28%
    Visceral Fat - 13 (whatever this number is)
    Testosterone Total: 334 (250-827)
    Testosterone Free: 6.8 (7.2-24)
    IGF-1: 96 (50-317)

    Everything else was withing reference ranges, including Thyroid panel, Estradiol etc.

    On April 15, I've made drastic change in my diet. No starch, no simple carbs, no fats, lean protein only, no carbonated drinks.

    On May1, 2016 ordered Fitbit tracker for my wife and myself, and Fitbit scale and signet for the gym.

    I've had my first 1IU HGH on May 21, 2016 (1x1IU am and pm), and my first shot Testosterone Cypionate on May 27, 2016 (50mg twice a weekl, Monday am, Thursday 5pm)

    Here is visual representation of seven and half months of healthy diet plus putting my essential hormones levels in ~40 years old healthy male


    ***Note that single point impedance method fat measure is totally non-reliable and it is good for "trend only", not real measurement. My current BF is 11.9% (Caliper method, media of three measures by experienced gym trainer).

    As you can see, I have achieved incredible fat loss compared to little to none lean mass loss.

    Current stats:
    Weight: 168lb
    Body Fat: 11.9%
    Visceral Fat - 5 (whatever this number is)
    Testosterone Total: 1049 (348-1197 LabCop) which corresponds to about 800 (334 (250-827 Quest))
    Testosterone Free: 38.81 (5-21 LabCorp) vs 6.8 (7.2-24 Quest) baseline
    IGF-1: 170 (61-200 LabCorp) vs 96 (50-317 Quest) baseline

    My goal now it to raise IGF-1 to 200-240 by upping HGH to 2x2IU daily. let see what happens in a month...

    Here gets interesting - the interpretation of the results. Can one say HGH alone is the main factor of weight and fat loss - no. Was it raising the Testosterone levels alone - no. Was it the clean diet alone - to some extend, but so dramatic... not likely.

    The only logical conclusion for me - all of the above. To me, restoring balanced hormonal level to (somewhat) youthful level was the key. The above is measurable i.e. tangible result. The other (intelligible) like restored energy level, faster post-workout recovery, overall well being, restored libido, returned morning wood and so on are subjective and I will not pound on.

    I am interested in your opinion. There are many different opinions and I do not claim to be 100% correct in my conclusions.

    That's my story and I am sticking to it


    In the next post I will talk about my wife's results.
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    I like to see amazing body transformation from the elderly. Hormones definitely play a big role in our lives. Tell your friends and family members about your new youthful life so they'll have the chance to know if they wanna do the same.
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    Come one, now. Elderly...
    But again... I was in Pompano Beach last year and the girl on the counter asked me "You you like to use your senior citizen discount?". Still have nightmares...
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    Do you know how old @ironwill1951 is? Smh
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    Alright, have 30 min to my next meeting... let's wrap this up.

    I have been married 30+ years for the same woman. When I met her on a bus stop, she was 17 and around 115lb. With exception of two pregnancies, she maintained weight in the 120 - 130lb. That is, until the "evil menopause" come by to visit. The reason I am even talking about her case is (look above), the tangible evidences vs myths.

    January 2015 her weight started climbing steadily despite no changes in living stile and/or stress levels were introduced. August 2015 was the first time she changed wet high gown in the middle of the night. September 2015 her period started playing "hide and seek". By Christmas I was asking "Who are you and what did you do with my wife"... in my mind, of course :). Scared shirtless of waking up the beast. This how it was until October 2016 (see below)

    I don't know how old @ironwill1951 is (looking the screen name - 64), but if he is married as long as I have been, he will know "the beast" personally by now :)

    My wife is very weary of all that "tinkering" with hormones and when I started, she was like - "Meh, knock yourself out", but... as supportive she have always been, when I changed my diet, she did too. The difference is - while she did see progress, it was not so dramatic as mine and end of August she was like - "I want this shit too"... HGH that is, nothing else.

    Fast forward October - her period returned to normal 28 days cycle. She have not had night sweats since November 2016. Mood improvement is incredible (trust me, I know what I am talking about). By Christmas 2016 she is down 30lb, BF from 40% to 24% and look more beautiful than ever.

    Look this before/after. All pics taken in Christmas Eve each year. Worth every penny, what say you?


    Now days she is showing abs (sorry guys no pics until we go by the beach :))

    If this is not tangible evidence, I don't know what is. We both do "Hormonal Panel" every quarter at privatemdlabs and I asked her to take her latest to her OBGYN. She still smiles when remember the face expression of her doctor...

    Can I have AMEN?
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    Sorry, factual mistake. She jumped on the crazy train January 2014, not 2015 as I said above.
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    I am going to bring this bullshit here where it belongs

    1. No shit
    2. Your underestimation shows just how ignorant you are
    3. Another moronic theory is the last contribution needed
    4. It's so ignorant it's not even worthy
    5. Very smart injecting unknown Chinese peptides into your body

    You brought your wife into the forum you stupid motherfucker. If you were so concerned you would not have brought her into a forum bragging about injecting her with some Chinese shit you bought off the internet.

    You make all this money and you are injecting unknown shit into you and your wife's body. You are either full of shit or a fucking clown. I assume both

    I hope that is the source you are getting that shit from lmfao.

    This is an unmoderated board you dumb fuck. Nobody gives a flying fuck about your price list. Like we don't have access to hundreds of peptide companies lmfao. Stick that price list up your ass

    Your delusions are only eclipsed by your fucking ignorance. Take your fucking immigrant bullshit to some hormone replacement forum.
  10. Just Fish

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    It's obvious you cannot afford it lmao. You are ordering unknown Chinese peptides you fucking clown. Take your stupid shit elsewhere
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    Ah, you come to the thread I've started, so it will be fair to respond. To all other members, I apologize for:

    • Answered @Just Fish on the same thread he went on rampage thus creating an appearance of hijacking.
    • Stepped on two of my core rules:
    1. "It is never personal, it is always business". Just cant figure what Fish's interest is quite yet.
    2. Never hit Send (Post in this case) immediately. Wait 15-20 minutes, read again and then proceed.
    I guess mention my "wife's ass" tick me off, but this morning I realized I am the one who used inappropriate language and so, @Doug_S - please accept my apologies.

    So, back to the core issues. Looks like I've hit a nerve, did I? :)

    When you get 50+, the chase gets equal or more interesting than the pray it self. So, I am at least equally interested in getting results as I am from the scientific background.

    Ironically, but unintentionally you you've made correct observation - "...Take your fucking immigrant bullshit to some hormone replacement forum..." LMAO, i bet you meant ignorant (wander why "ignorance" is your favorite attack word, Freudian slip perhaps? :)) Yes, as some of you might have noticed, English is not my first language (it is my forth to be precise) and this is because I came 20 years ago from Europe as migrant. Ughm, no, Trump can not throw my "immigrant ass off of the country" although nothing prevents you from dreaming about it... Anyhow, in my culture, we care of our (extended) family the best way we can as long as we can and so, instead of spending ~$100 a day for 7IU (4 for me and 3 for my lovely wife as of now) Pharma, I do what a good son would - spend as much as I can to provide the best care (medical and otherwise) for my mother. If only she have agreed to come living with us... but this is different story.

    The list

    As I said, replying to you in a heat of passion was a mistake, adding the list included. I guess now I owe an explanation to the rest of the readers.Here is the story behind it. Last year, while on a business trip to Easter Europe, I was accidentally introduced to the owner of the largest underground domestic website and before long, I got a box of 200IU HYGETROPIN that checked in all, hologram, fibers, serial number etc. Come back home, shot 10IU, give blood for Serum and waited.

    Three days later, got the result back and at this point instead of getting pissed, i wrote off the losses and did what I do best - research. Took me total of 30 minutes (this includes trip to the fridge and then the trash bin outside the house where the HYGE did belong) to contact few manufacturers, receive four responses, evaluate business language, select two, follow up and finally selected a winner.

    Now, if I was a "dumb fuck" as per your assessment, I would have sent funds, receive (or not) something in return and shoot it in my ass, right? Wrong! Went to the specific country's business register and indeed found the Pharmaceutical facility the sales person claimed he/she represents. Called the switchboard of the said company and asked to be connected to the XXX from Sales. Left a voicemail with question. Few hours later I have received an email with answer of my question. Now I feel confident.

    Followup blood work shows it does what supposed to but, if you have noticed, I still have few boxes to check in my list, purity is one of them. This is why I've asked @mands about the lab info. The only reliable method of testing HGH is "SDS PAGE, MS-HPLC" and so, let see what method the said lab uses.

    So... the list... again, it was mistake, but let's try to make the best of it. This is what official prices looks like now days. It is up to folks to decide where to shop from and how much to pay for.

    Am I sorry to shit in cereal - not at all. As I said already, ask and you shall receive.

    To all others - no, as I said already, I don't have vested interest in this business. I will not help anyone illegally obtaining controlled substances, so please, do not PM me. I will be happy to share my "half ass moronic theories" with anyone who is interested in private or public in civilized manner.

    So, @Just Fish , we have two options. We can lay this scuffle to rest or, if you wish, you can continue giving me reason to exercise my English writing skills. After all, "what does not kills us makes us stronger" - let's hope at least on you and i can agree" on.

    Peace out
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    I hope I can share with the community soon.

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    why are you bashing him like that. he didn't even offend you ? have some dignity bro, this guy is old enough to be your father.
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    Not only was he offending me but he was trying to trash on other members and brag about he rich he was. If you read the beginning of my post you would have noticed I brought this bullshit here so it didn't clutter up useful threads.
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    My interest is in your posts with pages of bullshit in good threads. My suspicion was obviously warranted, you have some sort of vested interest.
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    Another example of your stupidity. I meant exactly what I said. If you have no vested interest here you will take my advice.
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    This (in my opinion) unprovoked anger outburst already polluted two threads. Because of that, I've created dedicated one. Take it there, if you will...
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    Only two? Lol, piece of advice - place him on ignore. He'll never post a useful piece of information, you won't miss out on much.
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    You polluted two great threads with your bullshit long before I came along. Now you decide to not pollute this shit thread lmao
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    There is a saying - "One better stay quiet and let other think he's stupid, than open his mouth and make all doubts disappear"

    I rest my case.