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    hey guys just looking for an effective cutting routine..I haven’t ever done a serious cut because I was so focused on packing on size but my body fat % is getting to be a bit high..guessing around 16% right now and I wanna cut some weight..

    I was looking at the dual- factor bodybuilding routine and thought maybe that was an effective one if I were to incorporate cardio and a calorie deficit to it...anyway shoot me some ideas! I’d really appreciate it.
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    Diet and cardio
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  3. There isn't such thing as a cutting routine. If you want to cut fat it will solely depend on your overall diet and not on your workout routine. That's one common mistake that many fall for; they switch their routine to one with higher reps and less rest between sets, in contrast when you are cutting your number one priority as far as workout routine is concerned is to maintain the numbers on your main lifts. Dropping weight in the bar is a fantastic way to lose muscle as well. You could lower the number of sets to help compensate for the possible decrease in strength/performance.

    I don't know your stats but I would leave cardio to a bare minimum, it's a tool you can use but not the main thing that will help you shed fat.

    Stick with a caloric deficit of ~250-500kcal and monitor your weight fluctuations and adjust accordingly.
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    Nailed it.

    You wanna give your body every reason to hold onto that precious muscle, and the stress of being under heavy ass weight says to your body that you need that muscle to SURVIVE.
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  5. @Dw725 exactly. If we generalize this and see it from an evolutionary standpoint our bodies are built to survive they aren't built to hold muscle, since fat is way more efficient in keeping us alive that muscle does. That's why in the ancient times if someone was fat he was considered rich and on a higher standard than others.

    I know that I just said what you said but it's nice to see eye to eye with someone and expand it by a little bit.
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    Pretty simple, any program will work for cutting. But how do we maintain or gain strength and muscle while fully recovering? We cut volume, left heavy as hell and we use easy paced cardio and diet to strip the fat.

    Personally a 3 days split using something like reverse pyramid training with fasted hour walks daily and easy cardio in an airdyne 3 days a week on rest days is optimal imo. But I don't think you start there.

    To me you look at this the same way you do training, progressive overload. Start at 250 Cal's below maintenance, 60% protein and 100g carbs daily. When you stall, add 20 min of fasted walking 3-4 times a week. When you stall again up the walking to daily. When you stall again, up the walking 10 min to 30 min daily.

    Stall again, add hour of easy air bike cardio twice weekly. Stall again, go to 45 min walking. Again? Up to 60. Again? Add third day of air bike. Again? Lower Cal's by 250. Again? Add 10 min of hard conditioning(true conditioning) once a week. Again? Hard conditioning twice a week etc etc

    As you can see keep cals as high as possible to lose fat. Progressively add light conditioning, lower Cal's, and short hard conditioning as needed as you stall. Check bf% or naval measurement+weight, every other week to check progress.

    Same way you gain muscle, start 250 Cal's above maintenance with protein at 1*bw. Add 50g protein as you stall.
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    Caloric defecit, but more importantly undersranding your BMR, and body type. Cardio 100%, once again undersranding your THR and VO2 output to efficiently work. Burning 3,000 calories is equivalent to 1 pound of body fat, reducing your daily calories by 500 is a great start. Some people like to carb cycle, it all depends on your lifestyle. Do you eat out often? What types of foods do you eat? How often do you eat? There's a million questions that need to be answered before we can offer you advice. What does your training program look like, what's your rest periods, and do you use super sets? Answer some of these and I'll go from there.