Effects of Central Neurotransmitters on Penile Erection and Sexual Behavior

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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    [The above table (page 30) is taken from the following book. It is available for free at the download link.]

    Male Sexual Function: A Guide to Clinical Management 2nd ed (Current Clinical Urology)
    By John Joseph Mulcahy
    494 pages | Dec 12, 2008 | Humana Press| ISBN:1588299694 | PDF | 7.5 Mb
    SpringerLink - Fulltext

    Male Sexual Function: A Guide to Clinical Management, Second Edition provides a comprehensive overview of the field of male sexual function for urologists, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, gynecologists, and psychologists and therapists who specialize in ED.

    Male Sexual Function: A Guide to Clinical Management, Second Edition, completely updates and reviews newer developments, including erectile dysfunction (ED) with lower urinary tract systems, advances in erectile physiology, and the appreciation of ED as a form of endothelial dysfunction and a harbinger of other potentially lethal forms of vascular disease. Treatments of ED as well as the background, causes, associated conditions, and diagnostic tools are also provided.

    This new updated edition also presents the facts of sexual function and dysfunction so that the practitioner can properly treat basic problems with easily prescribed therapies. Also included is a new chapter on cardiovascular disease as well as chapters on pelvic surgeries, intracavernous injections with vasoactive agents, and vacuum erection devices.

    http://www.fk.uwks.ac.id/elib/Arsip... Guide to Clinical Management 2nd ed 2006.pdf
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Also, of interest:

    Oral Pharmacotherapy for Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Guide to Clinical Management, edited by Gregory A. Broderick, hardcover, 457pp., Totowa, NJ: Humana Press; 2005. ISBN 15882951-X.

    Scope of Book: An extremely comprehensive review of male sexual dysfunction as it relates to the practicing clinician, with some additional topics thrown in as well (eg, female sexual dysfunction). Contrary to the statement in the title, the book does not stop at oral pharmacotherapy but covers a range from physiology and epidemiology of erectile dysfunction, through oral, penile, endocrinological, and surgical therapies, and into a brief exploration of ejaculatory function.

    Download 158829451X_Male_Sexual_Dysfunction.rar for free on Filesonic.com
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    Penile erections fail when there is lack of blood flow to the penile regions. Because of this, you erectile functions take a dip. It is caused by the enzyme called as PDE5. To counter this problem, drugs like Viagra should be used because these cheap online medicines are very powerful and act every quickly.
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    There is a whole shipload of factors that can kill libido except low T, not the least of which is the parasympathetic NS and its main neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

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