Egg whites cooked vs raw

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  1. jabo

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    I read that if you eat egg whites raw then your body will only obsorb 50% of the protein vs eating it cooked. Are they talking about the egg whites out of the literal shelled eggs or the pasteurized whites you get out of the carton?

    Some argue the pasteurized whites are just as good uncooked. I want a good substitute for when I just can't eat anymore and need to get my protein in. Figured mixing egg whites in a protein shake would be a good substitute.
  2. D-max

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    It's the raw ones if you separate them yourself. If you buy the whites in a container you get everything from them. Some guys pasteurize and separate them themselves to save some money too.
  3. PrinceLambo

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    Either way, I can’t stomach them raw. I buy Great Value egg whites and cook them in literally a minute.
  4. Mac11wildcat

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    I hate eggs now. Can’t stomach them.

    Meal 1 is now has a carton of egg whites. I’m a firm disbeliever in any rule of “your body can only absorb Xg/X%” of anything. Absorption is about gut health. I’m sure there are limits, but I haven’t seen it yet.

    If you’ve got any study on this please post it. IIRC uncooked proteins are far better if you could stomach it.
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  5. D-max

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    Google it. Tons of info and actual studies. It's not bro-science with eggs and protein absorption.
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  6. Mac11wildcat

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    Just raw vs pasteurized?
  7. D-max

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    Yes. Just look up raw egg protein absorption etc. Theres a bunch of stuff. I read alot about it a couple years ago when a few guys mentioned it.
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  8. Been There Done That

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  9. NorthMich

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    91BA077F-5C46-42E5-885B-9F2573416516.jpeg It’s true. I didn’t want to believe it, as I tend toward its best if you mess with the food less.

    The data is clever and clear. You only get 50% from a raw egg. Heat it for 4-5 mins at 142 and the proteins are unbound and released. Now you’re approaching 100% absorption

    Here’s what I do now. Into a big pot
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    So are you guys saying that pasteurized is still good in terms of absorption? Because in terms of getting not-so-filling protein, this has become like a holy grail for me recently
  11. NorthMich

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    Pasteurized is good to go.
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  12. Uplifting

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    There was a point that I was working and on the road so much that all I did was drink egg whites eat oats and bananas. That lasted about a month. Still gained tons of weight. But they were the carton egg whites.
  13. Vipera1

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    Honestly, if you are in s rush then drink them, otherwise cook them.

    At the end of the day any extra proteins are better than none (even "50% absorption "), assuming you meet your daily macros.
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