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    this dude has been private.
    For a while now they seem well stocked on all aas and Raws he asked me to put this out their.
    They have 100$ min
    And carry everything
    WU/mg with Bitcoin to be added. U.S. domestic 3 -4 days to delivery. He has a pricelist at
    EGO Mass feel free to hit him up he also has pics of the gear that will be post
    Filtering takes place In a staril
    Clean gloves and masks are a must.
  2. so you will be his Meso Rep?
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    have u personaly ran his gear before?
  4. nophat

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    I guess trying to help him
    I'm sure he can handle his own
    And yes I have used his
    TestE C
    He is missing things about scoc.
    Feeling it out before he leaps in
  5. For a WKM u do some suspect shit between the auctions and promoting a source. And is it just me or did your typing skills improve for this thread... Just saying
  6. you think this guy plans on coming here to speak for himself?
    I would be wary of getting too involved in this shit have a good name here. What happens if/when shit goes south? Members will hold you somewhat accountable since this is essentially a referral by a member in good standing (you). Things like this have gotten ugly quick in the past...look at LuckyDuck and the MFL fiasco.
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    I understand exactly what you are saying.
    I told him if things go south I will b the first to put him on blast I've know this dude for years he asked me a while back if it was a good idea.
    He has done well on his own.
    Keeping up with his end. I know I'm jumping off a bridge here
    I brought my parachute in case.
  8. Not so private now, though.

    Indeed. Does he use them? I doubt sterility is at the top of his priority list.

    Then let him.

    And I hope you told him it wasn't a good idea. It's a bad idea. A very bad idea.

    It's a very bad idea for you too. If things go south, and things WILL go south, it won't matter if you're "the first to put him on blast." You're going to be held responsible 100%. But you already know that, don't you? And you still chose to push this source.

    Then he should stick to that. The last thing Meso needs is another bathtub home brewer.

    This whole thing smells like bullshit. For all we know, this "source" is you, and you're trying to use your name to give him credibility without actually using your name.

    Whether that's true or not doesn't matter. Anyone dumb enough to deal with this source should and will assume it is you.
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  9. Not somewhat. FULLY responsible. NP and this "source" are, for all intents and purposes, one and the same.
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  10. I hate to even point it out but that's a bullshit email addy.
    No safe-mail user by that name.
    Not the way it's listed above anyway...
  11. ....subbed :rolleyes:
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    Definitely watching this thread.
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  14. hmmm well the thing is....
    Safe-mail has a pretty good internal system of identifying users when mailing between two safe-mail accounts. It's actually one of the ways I screen potential src's IF they are indeed on safe-mail. For example, I started getting unsolicited emails from an "Uncle Z" account to one of my accounts on safe-mail sometime last year. The interesting thing was that although the email addy said it was safe-mail server recognized it was ACTUALLY NOT a valid safe-mail user and showed the true source.

    Anyways none of this was just a prequel to the fact that I emailed the above account from a newly created free safe-mail account @ 12:02pm today. 2 mins after this thread was created....and this was the response:

    Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

    This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.
    A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
    recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<>:

    I apologize all this was so long winded, to summarize, what everyone should take away from this is:
    a) Fuck Uncle Z
    b) this email address was not created at the time this thread was posted

    ...take it for what it's worth
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    I think its too late to put the cat back in the bag on this one. This post from another thread looks like youre already repping for "them". Especially when you say "we".
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    @Djw10711 thread. Proper way to ask. Straight up revealed he is the source
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    Probably have to put a '-' after safe in the email. So it'd be
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  18. let's give it a whirl...NoPhat lemme know if you get this one
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    I only put someone out that I thought would be a benifit
    If it's that much of an issue
    Then remove it.
    I'm not going to debate with you