Elbow sleeves

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Cash43, May 26, 2017.

  1. Cash43

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    Been shopping around for some sleeves to add some warmth and a little support.
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  4. Dr JIM

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    Compression sleeves are a try for many athletes, but no need to break the bank as there's little evidence to suggest one is better than another.
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  5. Cash43

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    Yeah not looking to spend the most but get the best for my money. I've read the rehband aren't all that good, and I've used the local sports store ones which I wasn't big on. Instead of read through a shit ton of opinions on google figured I'd see what everyone here says
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  6. Xlgx

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    Mueller brand. Cheap and effective.
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  7. Perrin Aybara

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    I've got a pair of Iron Rebel elbow sleeves I like pretty well.
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  8. franchise24

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    I love my rebel elbow sleeves. The 5 inch ones that cover more surface area.

    I also love the SBD elbow sleeves. This what I have been using for the last few weeks.

    Iron Rebel® Elbow Sleeves (Pair).

    Iron Rebel 5 inch elbow sleeves on sale now from $44 to $33.

    SBD Elbow Sleeve - Pair

    If you get the iron rebels elbow sleeves a half size to a size smaller it will add a little pop off the chest.

    The SBD sleeves won't provide any pop off the chest even if you size down. But they cover a much larger surface area and keep it warm. I love them.

    I'm becoming a SBD fan boy like @RodgerThat. Shit I might even get a SBD singlet for my first meet.
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  9. Mayne

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    Not sure if mentioned as I didn't click on the links but Mark Bell has a nice pair of sleeves that are easier to put on than regular and really do their job nicely for bench.
  10. penche

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    Mark Bell gangsta wraps the 26in work wonders on my tricep tendonitis. I compress the tendon during bench and tricep training. Amazing.
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  11. Cash43

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    I ended up grabbing the iron rebels, went with the suggested size based on measurement. Definitely tight, can't leave them on if I super set chest and back
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  12. Evom1

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    Iron rebels tear up my skin on the inside of my elbow
  13. Xlgx

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    Anyone try the inzer sleeves? Iron bull? Rehband?
  14. Test_Subject

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    SBDs are expensive but they're like heating pads for your elbows. Very nice.
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  15. Xlgx

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    Iron rebel? They look short/tiny
  16. koolio

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    Make sure they are 100% neoprene...they are the best
  17. TideGear

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    Just ordered the SBDs. My elbows been feeling old af lately.
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  18. DocGreen

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    I just googled those. Hell I just went to Walmart and got some $7 meullers to out in my elbows. And they actually work pretty good too.
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  19. Xlgx

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    Iron rebel aren’t neoprene. They look similar to wraps in material
  20. T-Bagger

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    Are you using these for pain/tendinitis?
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