electrum payments received to different wallets. Are funds later comingled ?



New to this, when setting receive orders within Electrum to send money from coinbase, every payment must be received in a different adress. Will I be able to later use all the funds received for a single payment ?
For instance, say I transfer 0.1 btc to one of my Electrum adresses than later 0.05btc to another wallet of my same electrum account. Will I than be able to pay a vendor 0.13btc in a single transfer ?

Struggling here, not only with the different wallet for each payment but also after Coinbase delayed a payment to electrum, need to wait 3 days it seems and the option to send a photo ID to accelerate the process doesn´t seem to work (the system won t upload the photo ID). I canceled the delayed payment and will try and send another one but expect it to be delayed the same way. Still I´d need to understand what happens to the funds received in different Electrum wallets.

Thanks !
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