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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by naturalkon, Feb 6, 2014.

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    naturalkon Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have any info on these guys. The only info I can find is on eroids.
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    oscarswole Junior Member

    I wantto know to im pretty sure they are legit bro cuz their up high on eroids prices are good and they carry some crazy shit tne/drol sickkkkk n no minimum that lets me know its safe order 1 bottle or read reviews im about to order from them
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    jonnyyy Junior Member

    yeah eroids is a scam so no point looking at there reviews..
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    BrownTown Active Member

    Elite is definitely good to go. I have bought there t500, t400 and eq 500. The high mg stuff definitely has pip to it but that's to be expected.

    I also found these guys off eroids. Its basically a crap shoot using a source off eroids but these guys are good to go.
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    naturalkon Well-Known Member

    Well the reason I ask is I made a purchase through them and haven't really been happy with the results. Was just trying to see if anyone else has similar experience. Ordered test prop and tren ace. I just don't think I'm getting anything out of the tren. Everything looks legit and good but after running their tren for 2 weeks I really haven't felt much if anything from it. I had switched to their stuff after running another labs test to start the cycle off and switched to their stuff and felt a huge fall off. Even with adding the tren.
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    raspy23 Junior Member

    FYI: Site is based in Switzerland/Panama
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    BrownTown Active Member

    I was running there t500 and eq but I dropped the 500 due to crippling pip. I switched to another brand of t400 while continuing the eq and im making good progress. If your body isn't reacting to there oils then you need to switch out. We all know our bodies well and there's no need to run it if your not making progress.
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    naturalkon Well-Known Member

    Yeah nothing like jabbing yourself everyday and not getting anything out of it.

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