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    A buddy asked me today of sources, and I really just dont have a clue as I have remained strickly TRT legit for a long many years now. So i recalled this new functionof the site and here I am asking. The source above is the one he said he had determined in his researched. I chuckled...

    Does anyone know if advertisers at Elite fitness are legit? My gut tells me no base on the elaborate and well degined sites. The one in particular was "buydnp-online.com and then led to an even cheesier named master site which is the one that appears "too extravagant". I dont recall the name but it was somthing like "get yur frest hot toasty steroids here!!" LOL And while I understand these places market to the entire world and not just our self centere little marker, still? Are ugl sites that elaborate today? Anyone...
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    I suspect the advertisers are legitimate but not their products.
    Most sites like EF are nothing more than billboards for advertisers with onsite endorsements coming from "within" rather than genuine customers whom have used the products being sold.
    Some will use their primary LOGO website as a diversion to other sub sites whose selling items from trashcans to shoes, but oddly no real steroid sales.
    MANY of the sites like EF acquire funding from two resources, which include their promotions and worthless STEROID SUPPLEMENTS. A good example of the later is i-steroids. Go to their website and click on BUY STEROIDS. Then read the
    disclaimer at the bottom which states in part; "these products are NOT drugs but an extremely strong alternative to the HIGHLY TOXIC drug listed". It's also made by
    "British Dragon GEAR" and not British Dragon but then again you get forty -fifty milligram WINSRTOLL and not Winstrol for only $124.00 plus shipping, of course.
    If you want quality gear find your own source and a judicious beginning would - should include searching the many posts on the Meso underground.

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    what jim said. he put it best- ef is just a billboard as is promuscle just promuscle is more aggro about their scams.