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    Hello Meso Members,


    We are a small Domestic UGL by the name of Elite Labs. We have been around for about a year now and are looking to expand a little. We are a 3 man UGL who pride ourselves in fast, safe shipping and quality gear. Everything is done in-house and no corners are cut when it comes to the sterility
    of our equipment.




    Our entire brewing process is done at home. We ensure the entire area is sterile to include submerging all equipment in a sterilizing solution for one hour prior to heating all equipment for 60 minutes at 450 degrees. Filtration is done with a .22um Millipore filter with vacuum hand pump.

    Current Products (Still evaluating this and all input is greatly appreciated)

    Test P 100mg/ml $30

    Test E 250mg/ml $40

    Test C 200mg/ml $40

    tren A 100mg/ml $45

    Tren E 200mg/ml $55

    Mast P 100mg/ml $45

    Mast E 200mg/ml $55

    Deca 250mg/ml $50 (low stock)

    NPP 100mg/ml $40

    EQ 250mg/ml $50 (low stock)

    aromasin 12.5mg $50 (50 capsules)

    nolvadex 20mg $50 (50 capsules)


    We are not on any other boards or Reddit right now and have never been in the past. Any individual willing to run uncapped bloodwork while on our gear will receive $200 store credit. We understand there are many sources out there, so why should you choose us? We are completely transparent and will answer all questions with complete honesty. There are no reps for our Lab and we will handle any issues directly.


    Keeping everyone’s identity and involvement is a key priority of ours. Once your package is confirmed delivered we will not keep any tracking numbers or records of transactions. We only use a secure e-mail and run a VPN on any device used to access the internet or e-mail in any way.


    Bitcoin (10% discount)

    Western Union with ID waived


    We ship 5 days a week via priority mail. We do not provide tracking numbers unless the package is not there within 2 days of the expected delivery day. Been there less than a week. Shipping is 10$ flat rate.


    All vials are 10ml unless customer requests a bigger vial for an extra charge. We carry some 20ml and a few 50ml on hand. Also, all vials have batch numbers. We understand that our labels may not be top notch with fancy holograms like some top name labs, but we are looking to improve this.

    Pics of Stock

    I am having trouble uploading pictures and will try to upload in the comment box

    below once I post this introduction.


    I understand that proving ourselves is going to be quite a challenge but this is a challenge I knew we would encounter when coming to your house. With no reviews and no test results it is going to take some time to establish our name. We are completely up to the challenge and are here to answer all of your questions, as I am sure we have a ton on the way. Thank you for the time and look forward to hearing from you soon and for those that decide to give us a go, I greatly appreciate your trust.

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    Well... Lets get started.... Pics? How do you test raws?
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    I like your salesmanship but I need to see pics and make sure you write meso and today's date on a piece of paper in the pic
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    Working on uploading the pics now, our raws our tested with melt point testing
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    Nuff said....
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    working on that right now sir keep getting an error give me a few and I will have the pics uploaded with "MESO" and todays date
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    Show us pics of your wife's tits.
  8. CptnCaveman

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    Girlfriend titty pic with Meso written on them.
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    How are you going to handle 4 or 5 low blood test from your gear.

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    @Elite_Labs, If you knew pic would be required, why even post? If you can't figure out pics on this forum, how do you expect us to think you can brew safely?
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    ^ This.

    Could have just waited until you were ready before wasting everyone's time.

    I also have a sneaking suspicion you have been here before.
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    Maybe hammer/prime forgot to peel the stickers off his totes before posting this intro.
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    Sorry for the delay here are pics of some stock to include close up pics of labels

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    I will offer a refund for any individual that has low blood test as well as paying for their blood test. At that point I will need to reevaluate our raws, but I am quite confident in our product sir.
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    Post pics of brewing setup.
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    I have no other Meso screen names but I will admit I made an account and was approved a week or so ago. I wanted to make sure I did my research on how to approach the situation and not drop the ball within the first post or two
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    Brewing is done completely at home and do not keep the set up sitting out unless we are brewing. We just finished a brew two days ago and will be again next week, at that time I will certainly take some pics of complete set up and equipment to help with any doubts you may have.
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    That name Elite sounds so familiar.

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    ...Sometimes I feel like this is a one sided relationship, elite. You lead me on then you tell me I have to wait to see the pics of that dirty Homebrew equipment for a whole week. :(

    If any "members" contact you and tell you they'll help you in the door here for some gear, what are you going to do?
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    Where do get your raws from? China I assume. That tren is very light in color? Are your packs vacuum sealed, packaged within a package? Are your small flat rate boxes taped at the opening?

    Please explain to me how you sterlize your glassware and vials step by step.
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