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  1. When I registered on this website I used my normal email. Won't that link to other sites and ID?
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    Bump , I'm also curious about this
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    No. The email is not publicly posted. It is only accessible to the admin.

    The forum app used by MESO has a feature that can automatically pull any gravatar that is associated with that email and use it as your avatar on the forum. This could cause problems because it would link your account to other gravatar-enabled websites you belong to including ones that list your real identity. This has been disabled on MESO. So that is not a concern.

    I'd still recommend against using your regular email for anything associated with AAS. And I'd also recommend against using your MESO-linked email and username for anything associated with the actual purchase of AAS.

    Keep your personal/private life in a separate email account.

    Keep your hypothetical AAS discussions on MESO associated with a separate email account.

    Keep your commercial transactions separate as well.

    Few people compartmentalize accordingly. They know they should. But they don't.
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    Appreciate that Millard. Also thank you for Meso. Anoblic Lab ,what a great step forward in safety,health an accountability!! In my short time I've been here, I've learned a great deal.From health,diet, to security an some about myself .So Thankk you, an take care
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    I would like to say thank you as well for creating this page/forum!
    I have been reading since yesterday and trying to learn as much is possible! That way when I take my next journey, I am prepared and know exactly what to expect and how to handle any problems should they arise!
    I'd rate this place a 10/10