Emergency; considering heading to ER

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by test>tren, Feb 13, 2020.

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    Hi, I upped my tren dose from 60mg eod to 100mg eod (Think i pinned about 115mg today tho) today. I'm on a gram of test e (1050mg). Just finished up two weeks Anadrol @50mg a couple days ago. idk if its my body getting wrecked by the higher tren dose tonight or what but I feel like im gonna die. Chest pain, headache, blurred vision, thoughts are foggy. Definitely elevated estro, i'm bloated as fuck, would usually pop some adex, but idk if I need to be putting more drugs in me right now. I'm considering driving to the er or calling a fucking ambulance. My apologies, but i'm in a rut here, need quick input here please.
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    I should add that I'm not a newbie, but i'm also not quite a vet. I've got 5 years of experience, but have never experienced anything quite like this
  3. You’ve got more to lose by NOT going to the doc my friend
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    I wouldn’t play with chest pain. I’d go to the doc.
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    Go... seriously. Chest pains and blurred vision is not good.
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    Buddy get to the ER soonest possible!
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    I concur with the other comments posted. Not worth the risk. Better safe than sorry.
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    Over a g of test and Anadrol. Your probably holding a ton of water and having some blood pressure issues. When was the last time you took your blood pressure?
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    Go to the ER.
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    Little over a week ago was 128/78, but I wasn't this bloated then, I'm holding about 8lbs more of water now so It's definitely gonna be elevated above that at the moment. Think I should pop a reasonable dose of adex, or hold off on putting anything more in? I'm sitting in the hospital parking lot, gonna wait about a bit before deciding to go in or not. I have two buddies watching over me now, informed of everything. I'm calming down a bit trying to get the bp down, and it's definitely easing the problems.
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    Take 300 mg aspirin, it's not going to hurt you rt now. Check your blood pressure. If you go into the hospital USUALLY there is a pre-admission area for cardiac where they'll hook you up to a 12 lead and check your rhythm out, if it's off you'll be rushed rt back.

    I myself wouldn't mention gear, it is what it is rt now and it's not like they can pull the gear out of you, they could only talk about it on charts and that may fuck up insurance coverage if you have it. Best of luck
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    Chew up uncoated aspirin. I would do 3-4 tabs of 81mg aspirin
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    You really should check yourself in but since you are on the fence about it just think about what you just wrote. You're on a gram of test per week taking tren, bloated yet you don't want to take an AI, because it's just another drug? Think about what the fuck you just said. Common sense would say pop an AI, immediately. Have you been using an AI? How long have you been on cycle? Why Anadrol for only two weeks? Hard for anyone here to answer your question as none of us are doctors and even if we were the details are too sketchy without running any tests.
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    At least go get the 12 lead hooked up and see what your heart is beating like. It sounds to me like a sudden concern/occurrence and an AI isn't going to fix shit if you need a stent or there is a blockage. Quit being stupid and go in there and get checked out
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    This is going to sound like i'm a troll, but I assure you I am not; I just passed a very extreme amount of gas and am now feeling much, much better. I believe that was the root of the problem. I appreciate the guidance and concern, and I'll try to be less of a dumb ass from now on.
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    Indigestion and heart attack symptoms are similar. Just an FYI
  17. Demondosage

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    That means go get looked at before going to bed!!!
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  18. Dead ass have indigestion so bad I panicked before only on 500 mg of test. Like heart pains and chest locked up.

    Second I chug warm water and walk on treadmill it comes out one of 2 ways and I’m feeling a lot better with a skinny waist.

    Hope all is well brother.

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    Smoke some weed and eat some tums. If you live thru the night stop using tren! Hang in there buddy!!
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    Stop everything for a while. Everything!
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