Emergency; considering heading to ER

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by test>tren, Feb 13, 2020.

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    You’ve been here 4 weeks and have 228 posts. That’s a lot of posts.

    @ickyrica is making a point “shut the fuck up”. If you have no first-hand experience or no real knowledge you don’t need to chime in with a comment in every thread.
  2. I like to post. There's nothing wrong with that. Fuck @ickyrica and fuck you lol. I'll say whatever the fuck I wanna say lol. I do have first hand experience. I've been to the ER, and I know my shit as well as you two. The circle jerking between y'all and a couple of the long-time members is laughable.
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    Its laughable that you think you know more then them.
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  4. Because of multiple infections caused by your past gear usage/abuse?
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    You’ll be here for another month at most and then gone. For the time being this is filling your void but when the attention, whether good or bad, stops being directed your way you’ll be on to the next thing in your life.

    You’re one of those people that can’t just be comfortable living your life so you create a new drama in order to feel like you matter. Look at your post history - one thing after another. Would it help if I just started giving you “likes”.

    Truth hurts. I know. But you won’t read it for what it is. So I’m eagerly waiting for you to mash that keyboard hard as you clickity-clack a response filled with insults. I’ll give you a high-5 for that right now, bro.
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    oh please, do tell! Was it the blood pouring out of your ass once a week that made you go to the ER? Was it the bloating that distended you like a four-year old Ethiopians belly? What's your diagnosis and how has treatment been? They cure you or are you still trying to find a balance? What's the path your doctor's have taken to get you to this point in your treatment?

    Or was the trip to the ER because of

    And fwiw,

    I'm happy as can be. I have some success in life, secure across the board. Have friends and family, health is on my side and even on my worst day I can look in the mirror and know exactly who I am.

    So how about those wide hips? The gyno?
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  7. You guys are something else. No wonder you live on this forum. I've seen @Tonelover get accused of being a fed. Half of this forum is mad whack.
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    Is does disclosing AAS usage have any effect on insurance?

    Saw both sides in this thread.

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    I’m on honest with my doc. Hasn’t impacted me a bit.
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    I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.
  11. Hell yeah I did.
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    You were proven to be a liar when you first got here in regards to your gear usage,experience. You know your shit alright. You lick it off your mom's butt plug before she gets home from work.
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    Answer me, pussy. Don't change the subject.
    How about posting up a front double bicep pic?
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    Lol this is still going on?

    I wonder if he's related to that Connor 25257 guy??
  15. Shit I will If you will. I don't think you want that though.
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    Answer the health questions.
  17. Gbro

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    Let's do it. Each of you write "Gbro is my pimp" on your arm so we know it's real.
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  18. Because you'll shame him or be shamed?
    You also never answered my previous question.
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    We can find out about his hips and gyno later. Conner the Retard needs some new spank bank material, so get to posting those double bicep pics.
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    He won't answer it, or mine. He's two missed resperidone doses away from a patented freak out episode
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