Ending a Cycle with Test Prop

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    finishing up a cycle of 600mg/wk test (300 x2, Sat Wed), used aromasin EOD @ 12.5 mg, and hcg @ 250 2x week (500 iu total weekly)

    after reading some of the good doctors feedback with other posters and the "Power pct" stuff, i made some changes to the standard nolva/clomid PCT i was initially planning. now i plan to blast HCG around 1500-2500iu EOD or E3D for probably 2 weeks (3 weeks seems like a lot, though i would love any feedback) then start the clomid/nolva about 5 days after stopping the HCG. planning to start HCG blast around 1 week after last test prop pin

    originally planned to do 12 week cycle, but right around the 12 week mark started getting really great results so decided to add another 2 weeks.

    used sustanon and cypionate most of the time, then switched to only cypionate for week 8-12 (to reduce time for esters clearing)

    for the same reason, considering using test prop instead of cyp for week 12-14.

    is this a good idea?

    after correcting for ester weight, it looks like 600mg cyp = 500mg test prop. but even after that, when i graph the change on steroidcalc.com the graph looks CRAZY!


    after adding 125mg test prop EOD it peaks at 136 and goes down to 38, but on the week 1-12 it stays between 74 and 49... seems like it might be a bit erratic

    so question #1 : how much test prop should be used and when it should be started (end of week 12 currently)? graphed is 125mg EOD starting wednesday (last cyp pin was saturday)

    question #2: when should the HCG blast begin if test prop is used for weeks 12-14? and should HCG be discontinued during the week waiting for the esters to clear?

    question #3: am i causing more harm than good by extending the cycle with prop for 2 more weeks, vs stopping now and starting PCT in three weeks? my reasoning was that i am getting killer results right now and id be waiting the same amount of time for the esters to clear, so might as well squeeze 2 more weeks out of it. also shortens the time between last shot and beginning PCT. either way it comes out at day 111.5 where it goes under 1mg (with the prop, or just waiting on the cyp to clear)

    thanks a bunch guys!
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    If your looking for stable blood levels you should do.
    Week 12 250mg Test P
    Week 13 350mg Test p
    Week 14 450mg Test P
    The Test C is still working so every week should be increased till the test c is out. I think ending with fast esters makes for a better recovery.
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    I think the graph looks like that because you're overlapping esters. You're basically running cyp and then adding prop on top of it.

    If you wait a little longer after last cyp pin before inserting prop, it should even things out more. You can also adjust dosages but it'll be difficult to graph that.

    With that said, some fluctuation is going to happen. It's very difficult to have a seamless transition when doing this.
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