Ending clomid

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  1. chileandawg

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    Hey guys I would like to ask you about tapering clomid.

    Tapering is MANDATORY?


    Can i end this planning at 50mg?

    Thanks in advance,cheers!
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    IMO tapering is always best with everything for your body to adjust and start picking up the slack for the lowered dose
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    You end it by putting a loaded gun against your mongrel head and pulling the trigger. Don't worry about feeding your cats. They will have enough brain matter to survive for a lengthy amount of time.
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  4. chileandawg

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    I posted that bc bill roberts - i know an idiot according many meso users - said that tapering is non optimun from a subjective perspective.

    Other people think tapering is great bc you "should stay cold" like a ¿normal state?

    I think that was the roberts points.
  5. chileandawg

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    PS. Personally I'm feeling better running clomid at 50mg rather 25 mg.
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