Enlarged Prostate

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Piney, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Piney

    Piney Member

    any of you guys suffer from bph ? Age? How long has it been going on and what type of meds are you using for BPH ?
  2. puckhog

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    Yes, 40 when I was diagnosed. No meds. Just monitored.
  3. Piney

    Piney Member

    How old are u now? Any urination issues? Weak stream?
    My stream is weaker, it sometimes almost sprays out opposed to a stronger flow. I also get the feeling that i didnt finish amd go back after another 10 minutes to completely empty. It kills the sex drive as well.
  4. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member

    Swapped the first time o ran tren. Took a two week break, hit some P-support and golden thereafter.

    But didn't piss but twice for a three day stretch. That shit was bad. Did have something else going on at the time though and I think it played into it.