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  1. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    Hey all, i'm looking for some Ephedrine, and it seems its not as easy as one would assume. I have found so many diffrent brands and names, how would one distinguish the real from the fake?


  2. jsupstarz

    jsupstarz Junior Member

    That stuff makes me feel like im gonna have a heart attack
  3. novicebb

    novicebb Member

    I love Ephedrine stacked with caffeine as long as I only take 50mg in a 24 hour period. clenbuterol makes me feel like I am having a heart attack.
  4. role model

    role model Junior Member

    the stuff that makes you shake is real.
  5. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    :D fuck me all these posts and this is what i get.....:rolleyes:

    u guys are post whores :p

    Still waiting for a proper reply thanks

  6. Gman2004

    Gman2004 Junior Member

    this is the one I use. I am on it right now. I am up to 2 ECA doses a day. by the end of the week I'll be up to 3 a day. I already did two week clen and now I am on the two week ECA. I am down 10lbs. The veins are starting to show up on my stomach and thighs.:D

  7. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    looks like the same as every other place. This is an OTC Ephedrine is it not? How u know its the real deal?
  8. HDH

    HDH Member

    The ephedrine that you are looking at is fine. It contains 25mg. I use the same thing but a different brand. I can buy it local 32 tabs for $8.99. When you take it you will know it's real.

  9. Gman2004

    Gman2004 Junior Member

    every since that banned ephedrine in OTC fat burners this is the brand I've been buying for my ECA stack. It's the real deal.
  10. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    how much mg of Ephedra is in it. most of the ones i have seen only have 8mg's i'm looking for something alot better.

    i use to use some from the health store about 4-5 years ago and it was around 30mg (i believe) and that shit would give me the shakes... I used it for hockey.... ya its a great way to introduce yourself to mr. heart attack.
  11. Gman2004

    Gman2004 Junior Member

    It has 25mg. Maybe break the tab in half if it give you the shakes. Personally I am an upper kind of person so I love being cracked out like that.:D
  12. 375Ranger

    375Ranger Junior Member

    I get alot of my product from D & E Pharm. They have the best price on ephedrine that I have seen. I just ordered 272 tabs of 25mg's @ $89.95 with FREE shipping.....if you dont want that quantity, I have gotten the BOLT 225. which has 24 gel caps of 25mg @ $7.99. Hope this helps :)
  13. novicebb

    novicebb Member

    what is the website for them?
  14. 375Ranger

    375Ranger Junior Member

    Opps! What a dumb ass.....:rolleyes: sorry I forgot to post the site guys. My wife went to the beach for a few days with her sister, and I have my 2 toddler boys with me and I made the mistake of going out to eat at the Outback on a Friday night. Any way....heres their site: www.dne-inc.com
  15. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    Thanks, I have checked them out already and don't really like the whole Identification thing. Will they allow delivery to Canada u think? I guess i'll find out..
  16. role model

    role model Junior Member

    May be hard to get around the identification thing. One of the main ingredients in meth.
  17. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    Ya I googled Ephedrine once just to see and all I got was a page of instructions on how to make crystal meth... ahh the internet...
  18. jasthace

    jasthace Member

    I just really want to be a bitch and point out that -all the medicines I know of only contain Pseudoephedrine which is a piss weak version of real pharmacutical grade Ephdrine which is more like speed{amphetamines},if you take real ephedrine it makes you feel on tops,the pseudo just makes me feel edgy and my wanga goes soft.
    Better to get some clenbutarol I recon...{no wanga probs.......}.
    My buddy got some real ephedrine from a pharmacist that used to go to our gym and gave me some,it really kicks ass,I found it on par with the duramine{speed} I got from a pharmacy in thailand
    But no I dont know when to get any from....:eek:
  19. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    I agree with you ^ ^ ^ ^ 100% i'm sure it still works a bit but why fill up on the small mg. Its funny I can get test way easier then real Ephedra. :rolleyes: Hell I can by Crystal meth easier and see if I can extrac it myself.

    Now clenbutarol would this not suppress my test at all? I was not looking at this route as I have just come off a cycle just over 8 weeks ago...

    I will look it up and see what the damage is regarding clenbutarol.


    P.S. to all these peeps that are offering me free ephe in order to by more. Please stop emailing , PMing, ICQ, MSNing etc me. If you are not, I repeat NOT a well know'n member I will not be ordering anything. Besides ephe is illegal, and all i'm doing is research.

    OK I see the damage is in the price of clen OUCH.....
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  20. JohnTree

    JohnTree Junior Member

    It must be legal here in this combination. The vasopro is still on the retail shelf here in SoCal. It is combined with an expectorant which I don't care for but it is the real thing as "Gman2004." posted below. I bought it for my sister and she loves it. I took one tab and it's just fine.

    I avoid ephedrine now because it caused "pee dribble" which went away after a few months. Other than that I love the stuff and gave me super energy while dieting down to low body fat.

    >this is the one I use. I am on it right now. I am up to 2 ECA doses a day. by the end of the week I'll be up to 3 a day. I already did two week clen and now I am on the two week ECA. I am down 10lbs. The veins are starting to show up on my stomach and thighs.

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