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    Cant seam to find too many sources that carry ephedrine any more.

    Is it useless now? Did something take its place?

    clen and albuterol seriously fuck with me but ephedrine was always ok
  2. Wal-Mart is my source
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  3. Used to be able to order from Canada supplement websites pure ephedrine but not sure if you can anymore
  4. Murho

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    Popeye’s sells it here.
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    I go to the Walgreens down the street. It does seem hard to find online these days.
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  7. I found some raws and made some nasal spray for my past PL meet. Was my first time using it.
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    Really? That must be difficult to find raws for. It wasn't epinephrine?
  9. Oh shit, I read it wrong. Yeah, it was epinephrine. I always seem to get those mixed up when I read them. Yeah, epi-nasalspray.
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    I read about a guy that pinned injectable epinephrine, while driving on his way to gym... Gave himself a heart attack behind the wheel and hit a house.
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  11. I wouldn't doubt it! I got plenty to make more but I'm not selling and being very selective if I share any. Makes u feel like u just ran from the cops. lol. And that's low dosing it...
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    The nasal spray is probably not quite so dangerous... Cool idea for a boost during a meet.

    How do YOU know what running from the cops feels like?? :)

    There is one source in the UG that carries it... it's pretty heavily controlled, so be careful buying it.

    Otherwise, buy bronkaid or primatene from a pharmacy. I prefer products that don't have expectorant in them personally, I don't tolerate it well.

  13. Supposedly, it absorbs just as good as if pinned... and I can do it while sitting and waiting to be called up to lift.

    And I've done my fair share of playing cat and mouse lol.
  14. Unless i'm mistaken, NandroXL carries injectable ephedrine... But don't quote me on that.