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Discussion in 'Endurance Forum' started by skipilot, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. skipilot

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    Has anyone ever tried EPO?
    Also is there anything else on the market that may help an Endurance athlete get one step ahead of the competition?
  2. tHe_ShOcKeR

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    EPO is dangerous man. there are definite risks that go along with taking erithropoetin (sp?).

    as far as endurance enhancement, i don't think there is anything on the market except maybe for some stimulants. other than that, training is the only true way to increase endurance.
  3. Millard Baker

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    Monitor your hematocrit levels closely and regularly before, during, after EPO use.

    MANWHORE Member

    If you stay hydrated,i don't believe it's really that dangerous or at least not as dangerous as most would have you believe. If your using it for a single comp i'd say it may be considered but not for every day endurance because you will have to stop eventually and it will take some time for your body to adjust and may become slugish. Train on top of a mountain for a few weeks and you'll get the same effect
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    Welcome to the forum, it's great to have fellow endurance athletes to interact with. What is your sport???

    You will have to increase your intake of fluids while cycling with epo as dehydration will increase hct further and can lead to an epo level that is too high.

    If you cycle for 3 months as recommended in my post to your other epo thread, that will be a long enough cycle. Last yr I did a 3 month cycle and didn't want to come down b/c I feared my performance (and paycheck) was going to start suffering but it stayed way past any previous "natural" peak by 12 wks. After 5 mo's of racing, it's time for a little break from competition bro, and after I took a week completely off and started training mid-summer, I still had a good late charge in the fall w/o any drugs at all.

    I'm a pro am cyclist and just finished a low dose cycle of test cyp and it increased rbc, strength and stamina big time. The only problem with cyp is the detection time is big and I'm suspect to USADA sanctions if the vampires catch me. Epo was perfect, only 10-14 days and then it's outta your system. What's great is the effects are still very much present...

    Let us know how it's going

    road warrior