Epo + Test Cyp?

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    Finished an 8wk test cyp cycle and starting a new one next month 300mg/wk and also EPO. Last yr I did EPO@3000iu per wk (no test) and was having great finishes on that dosage but I'm having concerns about mixing the two. Can someone tell me besides hct and free test what I may want to monitor in my bloodwork?

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    Mixing Epo and Test cyp

    wk 1-8 300 mg testcyp1xwk

    wk 5-6 2500iu2xwk
    wk 7-15 2000iu1xwk

    wk 3-8 armidex eod
    wk 10 50iu hcg ed for 10 days

    Right now I'm starting the epo phase of the cycle and wanted to know if anyone else has any experience mixing the two. I'm having my hematocrit monitored wkly so I won't get it too high.
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