EQ Brew/Anavar Suspension

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    Hey guys,
    Yesterday I made 60mL of Anavar suspension @ 25mg/mL. The recipe I went with:

    1.5g Anavar
    38.5mL OraPlus
    17mL Everclear (151)
    3mL Mio

    I mortared my raws then I heated the Ora to about 250°F and added the powder and mixed it for about 10-15min. Then I added my ethanol and mio to my mortar to get all the fine powder stuck in the crevasses. Took the blend off the heat and added the ethanol and mio, then split it into two vials. Kind of a random blend, I know, but to my surprise it actually came out really well. I shook the vials well and sat them on my nightstand and to my surprise, it was mostly still in suspension several hours later.

    Then I brewed some EQ, 50mL @ 300mg/mL.
    I've read several guys saying you really don't even need heat when brewing EQ, but I went ahead and heated it to about 250°F as well. My recipe:

    15g EQ
    BA- 1mL (2%)
    BB- 5mL (10%)
    29mL MCT

    I filtered it through a Whatman GD/X PVDF .2um syringe filter into a 50mL vial. After filtering, it looked crystal clear but I noticed a floater in the bottom. I'm nearly certain it was a piece of the rubber stopper. So, I drew the oil back out of the vial and filtered it again into a new sterile vial. Everything looked great!

    Those who do syringe filtering, do you use an 18g needle connected to your filter, or is that too large? I used a 25g to vent. On the second vial I used a 20g needle instead and although it was a little more difficult to push through, it seemed to be less invasive to the stopper.

    Anyway, any feedback or pointers are always welcomed.

    I'll be trying a Mast E brew next. 50mL @ 250mg/mL. Any advice or brewing tips/instructions would be helpful.

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    Congratulations on your brews. I find that most oils require no more than about 150F to go into solution. EQ really doesn’t need it but heat does speed the mixing a bit. Bases,and so forth, require more heat to go into solution.

    When I was still syringe filtering, I would filter through a 23g needle. The filter itself will give way more resistance to the oil than the needle will.
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    Thank, man!
    I was actually very surprised at how smooth the filtering process was. After reading what several guys had written I was concerned it would be hell. But 50mL through a 60mL syringe and a caulk gun didn't take that long really. It leaked a little the second time around but not bad. I may use a 10mL syringe next to see if it's easier. 18g needle was definitely too large. I'll try a 22g next since I have those on hand.