Erectil dysfunction, help me please

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    Hello everybody
    As I explained in another thread, I started a big pct after years of abuse.
    My TT was 306 one week ago.
    Had ever my prolactin checeked and it's in the low range.
    I did a blast and cruise 2 years ago, and on cruise I took 250 mg omnadren every 10/14 days. When I took 250 mg / week I noticed my libido was not as excellent ... probably because of excess oestradiol.
    The problem is that I aromatise a lot.
    On june my wife quited me. I was depressed, and so did a dbol cycle along with masteron. Was big and ripped on july. But I noticed a painfull nipple, because of the dbol. So I stopped it. And since this dbol cycle, I suffer from erectil dysfunction. viagra or cialis is a hit or miss ....
    On september I tested my E2, they were at 90 !!
    So I took adex, 1mg/day for some days, and my E2 falled at 14. The nipple sensitivity totally disappeared. But my E2 were too low :/
    So I stopped Adex, and remember that for a couple days I was very horny, had morning wood, solid erections etc ... I found my sweet spot. But this had diseapperd rapidely, and then my E2 were tested too high ( 60 i think ).
    I think my erections are 80% and I have less sensitivity. So I decided trt was not the solution for me. I did a big pct, and my testicles doesn't respond to hcg. My lh is very high ( 14 ) and TT very low. I'm primary hypo. My e2 were tested at 42, and my cortisol is very high too ( don't remember the values ). This was done on clomid nolva. I consulted a doc who want me to stop everything and see what happens !!!

    I m in love with a very beautiful wooman, it will be 6 months we are together.
    I can finish sex very rarely. She will quit me if this continue, she told me she can't imagining having a life without sex. I can't imagine that solution. I'm very depressed, I don't think if its because of the end of my ex relationship, or too much e2, too little test etc ... I have no motivation ... I go less and less to the university, I train less, ofter cry etc ...
    My new gf is against self trt, and will quit me if I decide to do a trt myself. She only wants it supervised by a doc. But the docs are dicks, my doc doesn't want to prescribe me test, because i'm into the range ... it's a joke, I have less test than a man of 85 years !!!! I rarely have erections, I think about sex less, porn doesn't really excite me ... before It was the totally opposed, I always wanted to bang my wife etc.
    I consulted a sexologue, for him my hormones are normal ! he told me it was into my head.
    My doc said the same and gave me anti depressant + cialis.
    the anti ageing doc is the one who want me to stop everything and see what happens.

    I m so bad that if she quit me, I would just want to die.
    what can I do ? self trt without saying her ( I will return to 250 mg sust every 10 days since It was great for 2 years, and switching with aromasin instead of adex because I read sometimes adex kills libido ). Or listening the anti ageing doc ? doing a new pct with hmg added to hcg ?
    I m really dissapointed, I want to keep her, I want have energy, motivation ect, I want to return to the university.
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    [ame=]Blood Sweat & Tears - I Can't Quit Her - YouTube[/ame]
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    I think trt is the only way for you and if you want childs testo with low dose hcg and an A.I.
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    yes I think too ... thx for your answer
    I will call lots of anti ageing doc tomorrow to get prescribed androtardyl ( testosterone enanthate, the only avaible on my country ) for life
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    Doc Scaly saved mine. AND SITE UNSEEN..

    Primarily VIA providing SANITY in an INSANE WORLD. Ground-to-EARTH...

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    Ahhhh... EU Love. Its a bitch. Funny how international the context is... See my soon to be updated "women are cunt satin minions thread"..... LOL

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    From a circulation/sensitivity perspective, viagra/cialis alone (considering your history) probably would be a "hit or miss", you need to make sure the enzymes required for initial nitric oxide production are available. Free testosterone normally fulfills this role, and DHT has a locally acting (peripheral) role.

    If you have used progestin-based steroids, I am really surprised your prolactin value didn't come out higher.

    Well the solution is different for many.

    I would go with a nitrate-based N.O booster + a moderate dose of Cialis, or Icariin 60 or 90 if you can get it.

    The free test sustains neuronal nitric oxide so you need to make sure those SHBG values are down. Something like proviron or masteron even could be your pot of gold. Also EndoSurge Turbo works nicely for this goal.

    Don't just go off TRT, you will surely compound the issue. With pct, hcg is definitely recommended. Throw in some Tongkat 200:1 extract.

    My two cents.

    Hope you resolve your issue....
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    This is a very common problem in AAS users. Some bounce back, others end up on injections and having to rely on them just to get an hard on. And there is no guarantee that TRT will work for everyone.