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  1. chileandawg

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    Well as you know I did a pct recovery therapy after my failed attemps with the right erectile function recovery.

    I posted in my thread that i will do labs.But at the moment REALLY dont have enough time.

    So with a hand in my heart i will do that fucking labs this week no problem.

    Currently question: I get a half erectile dysfunction - not usually - after sex or masturbation - dont see porn ok - and some little hot flashes.

    Im a newbie in the sex field i have my first gloryholes this year u know destroying the analhole of a bitch.

    Anyway is this just mental or maybe is a progesterone issue?

    I run lil coke dose two times a week with some whisky just for fun.

    So any help is welcome

  2. chileandawg

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    What if my labs points out low test and high progesterone?

    Run that 10mg winstrol therapy to decrease progesterone? And then run clomid?

    I suspects that tamoxifen only gives you a poor man solo

    I need my mental state,coke whisky and tabaco besides
  3. chileandawg

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    <asides shit>
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    The answer is more glory holes :D
  5. chileandawg

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    mental problem,bud?

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  6. chileandawg

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    What about the have a hard rock erection with a little ejaculation ?and my load is back after three days is correct?
  7. T-Bagger

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    If you’re doing coke, you need to put a little bit right on your dick and you will be hard and horny all night long.
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  8. T-Bagger

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    What else are you putting into your body?
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  9. chileandawg

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    Well in t
    nothing more, sir,in fact i did my own homecoke with a leafs concentrate
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  12. chileandawg

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    @Evom1 what about run 10mg of winstrol then 7 days of clomid at 50mg?

    The point is some man cant get boner without a dopaminergic enviorement -less stress basically- Then if the GF need a bang all the time How can i get my automatic boner with a high prog?

    Thats my point erections in a NO dopaminergic enviorement got it?
  13. ickyrica

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    For you to receive any assistance from Meso from this point forward we are going to need to see a pic of you fully erect with a small Chilean flag taped to the underside of your cock.
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  14. chileandawg

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    @ickyrica nice to see ya brother

    No homo here,thanks and sorry if my post is nasty but if my reality man
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  15. ETownSmoke

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    Coke will make your dick limp. If you’re juicing stay off anything but the gear. I knew a guy that was always blasting coke and even at 25 he needed cialis and viagra to fuck his old lady at the time. Now in his late 30s he’s living off cialis, his shit don’t work right and women keep leaving cause of it.
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  16. chileandawg

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    Agree but coke with whisky & tabaco makes me a horny bitch with a hard rock.

    Coke alone is limp dick to my case.

    Read the whole post.Main point is DELETE that empty sensation after sex or mssturbation.

    Dont know man,not sure if i need some shit to reverse the fucking effects of exemestane to realese the aromatase or something.

    My first step will be check the total test.My theory is if TT is normal range so im getting E2 troubles from high prog or high prolactin cuz mi bodyfat dont increase in fact DECREASE

    And only use my dick with female asses or just a newbie/nerd tryi g to understand

  17. JackSmooth

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    Are you talking about your refraction period. It’s normal to not have the same desire after sex for a period time.
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  18. chileandawg

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    Sure man! But my refractory period in the past was a less time.

    So why my desire comes back in a big time than the past.That is one important question
  19. chileandawg

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    Its just after ejaculation feeling uncovered empty,like a child in time u know,then three or four days im in the track again.

    But shit that lapse is a fucking mood man
  20. ickyrica

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    No cock flag pic = no help