Erection issues on 300mg test

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Koala, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Koala

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    I am on 300 mg a week pretty much year round come off for 3-4 weeks once or twice a year. i have read about every thread here on ed problems and I keep readin to use arimidex cause estro is to high. But I’m puzzled as this seems not to help me ( I may have gone straight to crashing) prior to using arimidex I was taking 20 mg of nolva ed which seemed to fix the issue. But when I stopped the Nolva ed returned. So I thought it was estrogen problems, as that seems to be the conscensus. I took arimidex .25 ed for a week and this wasn’t working. So I Went to .5 ed for 4 days ( I think I may have gone to far) I was waiting for the morning wood, haven’t really had it
    Libido is gone. I can’t get up or keep up while with a girl but can climax if I masturbate. I don’t think it’s stress cause the girls know what’s going on and don’t care. I’m stopping the arimidex and running 20 mg nolva to see if it comes back to life again. Have scheduled labs for Monday to get a solid answer on estrogen levels. Any thought or ideas?
  2. Eman

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    Post bloods when you get them... It's all going to be guessing otherwise.

    You are probably taking too much AI.

    300mg a week is also an aggressive cruise.
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  3. Koala

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    Ok will have blood work in 2 weeks about. Any idea why nolva seems to do the trick? I’m stopping ai and will take 20mg nolva and see if it returns

    HIGHRISK Member

    Don't change anything! Then you will have no idea what is causing it. Or where to start. Suck it up for two more weeks.
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  5. Koala

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    Ok stay on the arimidex .25 ed or eod??
  6. Get some research cialis and use it everyday...amazing drug
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  7. penche

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    That’s a lot of adex for 300mg. Prolly gonna have to do several labs to dial it in. It could be you’re very sensitive to E2 fluctuations. I seem to perform better when it’s high but lower if I’m using a 19nor like Deca. Could be mental idk
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  8. Rockclimber

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    Sounds like you crashed your E2
  9. Eman

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    I must have missed that part... I might be getting a little too creative but a SERM blocking the estrogen may mean more circulating free estrogen in the system and a slightly higher level - which would be helpful if you're crashed. Again, I am getting pretty creative there and not basing it on anything other than a wild guess.

    I would drop the AI and the SERM, lower the dose to 200mg and stay in a holding pattern until you get bloods or notice a difference. Also, I know it's difficult, but try to keep it off your mind... There's a mental aspect to this and even after everything is on track your brain can still work against you.

    Post bloods when you get them and track everything you take and do for the time being as a point of reference to prevent this in the future.
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  10. Sledge762

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    Way too much adex for 300mgs of test.

    Get bloods.
    Drop everything but the test for a few weeks.
    See how you feel.
    Add minimal AIs back in if you start getting estro issues. I'd start with 0.25adex twice per week.
    Get bloods again till you dial in the e2.
  11. Robfromga

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    Sounds like you need bloodwork.
  12. Gbro

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    Seems smarter to keep guessing and throw random chemicals of unknown strength into the mix.
  13. penche

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    I was trying to put together how this member feels better with tamoxifen only and almost did a search on studies. You nailed it man, that actually makes total sense.
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  14. Eman

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    It's still a wild guess and probably unable to prove it... But, we'll go with I nailed it. :)

    I'm also curious if the test he's pinning is bunk and a SERM is making him feel better with no testosterone level, some plot holes in that theory though I think. More wild guesses until bloodwork comes back... I have a feeling it'll correct itself by the time bloods come back and we'll never know for sure lol.
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  15. Koala

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    To be clear I have never had to use an ai in the past. When I say the serm helped me this was before trying arimidex. So I could not have crashed my e2 yet. When I first noticed the issue I thought I had a bad bottle or mislabeled, I ordered diff stuff from a reliable source and took a few weeks off. And the same issue once back on with new bottles. And again the nolva was used BEFORE the arimidex was even purchased. i went to dr to get labs but they said they wouldn’t test me so I ordered the arimidex and went with the general advice I read on these boards ( take the arimidex till morning wood returns then cut back and adjust dose to keep morning wood) I’m hearing mixed ideas here some say stay on the arimidex to know exactly what it’s doing to me and get bloods, and I’m hearing come off everything but test. I think I am going to continue with .25 mg arimidex 2x a week. Last does of .5 was Wednesday. W the half life of arimidex that should be enough time to get an idea of what the stable e2 levels are at that dose, ( will do labs Monday or can wait till later in week if advised ) correct? Once bloods are in I’ll know if the gear is bad or mislabeled for sure.
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    Cruising on 300mg a week? Damn.
  17. ScabbyJr

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    I agree
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