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    This thread might belong in the underground section but that seems to be almost exclusively for sources wanting to advertise here.

    My question is eroids a legit thing? It just seems to good/convenient to be true but I've heard mention of it here and on another forum I'm a member of. But just having all these sites you can buy from that have all these reviews, and just enough negative reviews to seem legit...something just seems fishy about that. But I've seen enough people on forums who referenced it positively to make me question myself on that.

    I'm probably months away from doing my first cycle so I'm not going to be jumping on there to buy anything. Although I've done my research, I feel I still have some things to learn before my first cycle. The main reason I joined these forums is because I want to learn my way around sources better before buying, since I'm very aware of the threat of scammers. I've been paying attention to the underground section for a while and have learned a lot just from reading there.
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    Don’t ever go to eroids but just be careful of boards where negative reviews are deleted and members get banned etc for leaving negative reviews.
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    I've had no problems using eroids. Some of the sources I found there are top sources here on meso.
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    If I'm not mistaken wasn't that site outed to be kinda shady in how it operates? I'm not claiming the sources are bunk btw.

    I don't want to post too much saying their business but I'll say I remember reading about ownership not being what people thought and their rankings not being what people thought either.
    Sorry for not explaining that but I'd rather say too little than too much.
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    Ive heard mixed stuff. Ive heard of members being booted and reviews taken down. I also understand its a pay to play board. Quite honestly there is way to many boards with vetted sources to be using eroids. If your not finding what you need then your not looking in the right spots.
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    Too many rules for my liking, besides not liking their business model. Not saying all the sources on there suck, as we as well as other forums have some of the same sources. It's just harder to weed through with their censoring and pay to be on top mentality.
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    Any site can be shady! Do your reaserch thoroughly. There is excellent gear all over the web and shit!
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    Friends don't let friends surf Eroids just saying. That place has a bad habit of being flaky.
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    I know it's bad business to just straight up ask for sources (easy way to get scammed), but is there anything wrong with seeing a source you think is legit and just asking on the forum what other people think of it?
  10. MindlessWork

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    You can but use the search function first as there may already be a thread posted about such source.
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    Nah go ahead, ask away, but like MW said use the search function to see if anyone asked already.
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    Shill - Wikipedia
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    just stating a fact. Most if not all the good gear tested on Anabolic labs can be found on eroids just saying Anyone can cross check the labs and look for themselves.
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    Just don't pay attention to the reviews. When I was looking at a few of the HGH source reviews I noticed that the same posters posted the same exact reviews on different sources only changing the source name. Not similar, exactly the same.
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  15. MindlessWork

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    Most likely either bots or shills, which are really common on that dump and Evo has the same infestation too. I just skip those dubious reviews.
  16. IronJulius

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    This is how I see it doesn't mean it's right and I rep for the top source on there. The sources at the top do a lot of promos in exchange for reviews and that is big reason they are at the top. Are those sources legit I think so but they are also pretty expensive. I have ordered from ARL before and after i became a rep which has always been one of the worst rated on there (i wouldnt order right now) but to me they have been the best bang for the buck and that's what I look for except when it come to my wife I want the best quality gear I can get for her.

    The reason some reviews on there are deleted are because they may not have fulfilled the requirement of running gear long enough and about once a week a guy will leave a review when he just got the TD. Some think a review is just a short response like gtg and then some are just reverse shills who leave in the review if you want real gear email johndoe@yahoo tell him I sent you for 30% off and I can't tell you how many times one of basics customers has reviewed on PharmaComStore or posted in comment which they don't allow source cross posting. Those edits or deleted reviews do look suspicious but that's mainly why I see they are deleted. Also if you get a few thumbs down on a review they will delete it I think

    I suggest guys checkout multiple boards a decide for themselves. There is a difference between shills and fanboys. Don't trust guys that pm you. And there is a reason some sources have been around awhile
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