erythrocytosis vs pcv

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    My hematocrit has finally gone out of range for the first time (52.6). In my research I've seen some debate on whether testosterone causes pcv which is dangerous and needs to be treated or erythrocytosis which is not dangerous and can be ignored. The argument for erythrocytosis is that platelet counts remain in range (which mine are) so the blood is not thicker.

    Just looking for opinions on this. I'll probably end up draining some blood to be on the safe side but I hate the thought of then having to manage iron as well. Plus, I'm not eligible to donate due to some weird issue with South America so I'll have to self phlobotemy which definitely sucks.
  2. i dont think theres any consensus on this. i hope this is the case though as I just went over on my HCT 54 also. Probably will try to donate. I see guys getting into the balancing act with managing iron and hct and end up with high HCT and low iron. Or donating doesnt lower HCT that much and it just bouncing right back to where it was after a few weeks.
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