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  1. Khalil82

    Khalil82 Junior Member

    Where do all the top athletes get EPO?

    I can’t find any legit sources no matter where I look, or how hard I try.

    There are exceptions like research sites, but $695 for 1 mg is quite absurd.

    Are there any good quality at a good price sources?
  2. Gain Train

    Gain Train Member

    Making a post like this will only have shills in your ass pushing fake product. Look through old posts or the underground section. Anyone who has mentioned it on a Log might have also mentioned there sources, so look through old posts. It's annoying but it's the better way to find a real source and not some snake oil peddler
  3. Khalil82

    Khalil82 Junior Member

    I did try looking up old posts before this. The only ones I could find are regarding requests of sources being PM’ed, wherein the requester hasn’t logged in for many months.

    Or, discussions speaking about how bodybuilders shouldn’t use EPO because of already high hematocrit levels from AAS use.

    I don’t use AAS, but am getting into the use of peptides and want to use EPO for the athletic performance and endurance benefits.
  4. ripgh15

    ripgh15 Member

    phdirect had it but they vanished. its unfortunate too. ready jects for a good price
  5. Khalil82

    Khalil82 Junior Member

    Shoot. What were the prices like there? Only other prices I found here cost an arm and a leg at $600 for basically a week supply.
  6. Eman

    Eman Member

    Look for sources that sell ancillaries. They often have it or have access to it.
  7. ripgh15

    ripgh15 Member

    It was $200 for 6 x 4,000iu ready jects . So 24,000 iu
  8. Khalil82

    Khalil82 Junior Member

    200 dollars a (loading phase at lest) week is still pretty expensive. Guess EPO is just expensive as Hell lol.
  9. ripgh15

    ripgh15 Member

    Holy shit i never did that much lol we are not trying to win the tour de france here!
  10. Khalil82

    Khalil82 Junior Member

    Haha I’m not either. Though I am going for a pretty tough feat of sub-10 two mile.

    And that’s just for the first week. Afterwards it’d probably be a dose of around 4000 to 6000 IUs a week depending on bloods.

    Still, I just can’t seem to find any place to get cheap EPO. Theoretically you could buy that much Chinese EPO for only about $80. The problem is, I don’t know where to find those sources.