Ester Transition - Even from Acetate and Proprionate to Enthanate

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  1. Tryptamine

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    Hi guys,

    i am planning a Test E/ tren E cycle.
    From my last cycle i have still some Test P and Tren A laying around which i want to use up.

    Obviously i can not just use all short esters up and switch to long esters same dosage. Longer esters have longer half lifes which would result in a serum level drop, i am trying to avoid that.

    Online i found the following half lifes:
    Acetate 1 day
    Propionate 1 day
    Enanthate 5-6 days

    i tried to come up with a solution for a long time.
    Now used excel to calculate blood serum levels and show them in a diagram. The Photos can be found here:

    Does this look ok to you guys or did i make a misstake somewhere?

    First one is to more or less test the solution i have come up with. Works pretty ok, half serum concentration is reached within the requiered time.
    The Doses are not in mg but relative (so bost esters reach equal serum levels. They later must be multiplied by the requiered dosage.

    What do you think?
  2. Tryptamine

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    Link to the pictures because editing does not work...
  3. DonQKong

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    I had a cycle where I played around with different esters and had all these graphs running up and down and effects and whatnots. Guess what didn't quite work like that . Even though half times and effective times give a good indication, there are so many factors in your body which vary from person to person and day to day. There simply is no exact science.

    The best you Can Do is to drop your spresdsheet, Google "roid calculatpr" , download a good one and Bob's your uncle

  4. 2legit2quit

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    Ideally, you should be using the short esters only to reach full dose peak blood levels as quickly as possible, then introducing the enanthates while reducing the short esters - maintaining a stable full dose throughout the transition.

    The (very nice) graphs appear to show something different.
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  5. jJjburton

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    Man thats a lot of work for something so simple.....

    You take the short ester 3-4 weeks while taking long esters then it equals out when you drop the short ester. Or you can lower dose for an extra week, but you wont notice.


    Test Prop 1-3/4 weeks 400 mg. Less dose due to ester weight
    Test E or 1-12 weeks 500 mg.. vica versa due to ester weight.
  6. Jeffg353

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    Could do it the other way around and switch to short esters towards the end of cycle so they clear out faster and able to start pct sooner.
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  7. Tryptamine

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    Thanks for the responses.
    Anny recommendations for a good one?

    I like this approach a lot. But still the problem with the proper transition, hope a roid calculator works.
    Maybe it's even better to start and end with short esters and use the long ones in the middle. 1500mg tren A and Test P left, enough for both transitions?
  8. Tryptamine

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    Screenshot - Share right from your browser toolbar
    What do you guys think about this cycle?
    Looks solid?
    I think i wait 5 days before pct because levels are sub 4. (for Enthanate only cycle 2w are recommended, levels are at 7 then) opinions on that?

    I have Letros, clomid and nolva on mass but only 10mg arimidex left.
    Would you combine Arimi and Letros or use one up and then the other?
    Same in PCT: Combine Nolva and Clomid or not?

    Waiting for an ok so i can do my first shot :)
  9. 2legit2quit

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    You need to rethink the underlying principle of overlapping short and long esters. See my earlier post (quoted).