Esterification of Stanozolol

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    Does anyone knows how to add a short ester to Stanozolol? Maybe acetate.. i saw stanozolol acetate don t remember where.. but i think it would be possible..

    Ethyl Acetate? How to proceed?

    Ahahah i know nobody will give me a recipe to esterify stanozolol.. but it s funny to hope some chemist would do..
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    Technically I don’t think it’s possible. Winny already has a 12 hour half life why would you prefer a shorter half life then that or longer? Also not to be a dick but dont you think after being around 45 years that actual chemists in real labs would have created this version of winny if they thought it had any actual benefit. A long estered hepatotoxic drug doesn’t seem so safe.
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  3. Froz3nnn

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    Only to make it oil soluble..

    I read guaiacol is so toxic.. read on its packaging and read on pubmed.. so i dont feel safe using it..

    I tried polysorbate 80.. 24% BB and 3% BA.. heated up until smoking while swirling it.. and everything fucked up.. half of it remained on my syringe before filtering..

    And i know that winstrol does separate so easily from its carrier (dont know from guaiacol but dont wanna use it as stated)
    Letting the oil/water/whatever being absorbed leaving crystals behind.. and thats causes pain.. i remember when i pinned it from water based one, i cannot train any part of my fuckin fucked up body.. so i started drink it.. but i m paranoid about its bioavailability since by drinkin it pass trough the liver one more time more.. and on Meso's articles i read that injected bring more nitrogen retention, swallowed bring more SHBG bounds breakage..

    So i thought about lettin Stanozolol becoming lipofile by addin an ester .. but i know, i am a poor motherfucker and i have to eat it and shut the fuck up..
  4. Froz3nnn

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    EDIT: i m researchin about snorting raw powder of esterless aas, water based as a nasal spray.. i ll try and let you know..

    I knew that nasal damage caused by cocaine snorting was due to other chemicals, maybe for cutting it.. so pure aas esterless powders dont think can be somehow armful..

    Anyone experienced snorting raws? Don t be shy ahah there is nothing stupid about it..
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    LOL how many lines pure coke have you snorted and you say that? if you snort everyday youre going to have nasal problem either its cocaine or a nasal spray for allergies. Don't be offended but you better start snorting coke if you look for a buzz and not winstrol
  6. master.on

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    IDK for sure if 17-alpha alkylated steroids like Stanozolol can be esterified, or if the 17aa will interfere.

    But it's certainly worth trying.

    The best way to create esters is using anhydrides instead of acids:

    Supposing you want a Winny-enanthate version
    enanthic acid = heptanoic acid
    Heptanoic acid - Wikipedia

    So you'll need to get Heptanoic anhydride
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    Then dissolve Stanozolol and Heptanoic anhydride in a suitable non-aqueous, non-alcoholic solvent
    Acid Anhydrides react with alcohols to form esters

    preparation of esters

    You may wish to use a bit less Heptanoic anhydride than stochiometric dictates, as it's safer to inject unreacted stanozolol, than unreacted anhydride.