Estradiol Vs Estradiol, Ultrasensitive, LC/MS/MS

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    Hematocrit is running kinda high.
    Have you donated recently?
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    Nah need to though

    My blood work a week before this was straight
    Blame myself I need drink more water— feel that works better then donating most times:)
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    LC/MS/MS is superior method.

    CLIA ('normal' method) gets many interferences - such as famous tren interference, also other hormones/metabolites which might be raised with AAS use, leading to falsely high results. On the other end of spectrum CLIA doesn't have enough sensitivity to be used on males and kids most of the times (meaning without exogenous supplementation of hormones).
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    Yeah when I was naive and treating numbers and not symptoms I was using standard test

    Without knowing any better I would end up feeling like crap

    Just speculation for me personally now, but I feel I was basing dosage of AI with insufficient numbers from standard testing

    Just a thought

    With standard I would feel better between 60-80
    And hurt at 20-40
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    That's a wonderful quote.

    And yeah, I've seen several people who've been too low on estrogen by basing their AI on the test numbers, not the real effects.
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