Estrogen "How high is too High"

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    Im 41 and been on trt therapy for 6 years. 200 ml of cyp once a week. My blood work attached. Dr. said controlling my estrogen was out of her scope. Go to an Endo. Well, endos are all booked out until as far as April. I told her I was previously on arimidex with a former dr who has left his practice, but nope, this is out of her scope. So I don't currently have any arimidex at arms length away. Are any of you near or at my level? I was 44 pg/ml 6 months ago. I drink a ton of milk and I am now reading how bad it is with estrogen due to the processing chemicals.

    Oh, dr also wanted me to cut back on the shots, but I told her It was my fault because I had a shot 3 days before blood draw. She didn't understand peak times. Sad, that we can literally google our symptoms and prescribe our own shit now a days! Regular mds seem to be very limited. Anyways, thoughts please. Am I at danger high??


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    are you taking anything else? hcg?
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    If I don't see milk I don't c a problem lol
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    No, the original dr was a hormonal dr and he prescribed arimidex along with the trt therapy. He did things right. He monitored and up and lowered doesages as needed. The new dr just took my word and began prescribing the same trt but without the arimidex. 2 years on with her and no adjustments. Now, that my estrogen lvl is considered high, she doesn't know how to treat it besides send me to an Endo.
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    What’s your body fat percentage?

    Higher % yealds higher aromatase activity.
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    your levels are way to high, they should be in the 20s, lots of sources on here that sell pharm grade adex, it cheaper than going to an endo.
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    Do you feel any effects from the high estrogen. And like @ironwill1951 said, you can buy adex yourself
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    You can try going to an urgi med clinic and tell them to write you the script that your regular dr is on vacation Ive done it before most of them dont give a shit and as long as its not controlled theyll write you whatever. If not grab some pharm grade only from one of the sources til you see your endo

    I would say its pretty high compared to your test level so I would do low dose for a bit and get some more bloods to see where it gets you
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  10. 20-40 pg/ml normal range, not so high at 80 pg/ml i have seen it at 100-200 pg/ml on 1 gram test weekly.
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    the op has been here since 2003, if he hasn't figured this stuff out by now...
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    its over double what the normal range is, how do you figure that's not high?

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  13. We have some smart bro's here. So let me sidetrack for a moment. High E2. Do you believe or have any evidence that it hinders progress?
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    My E2 was 49 about 5 weeks ago. Been on 170 cyp for 4 months. Doctor was going to prescribe ardmx but then I fell ill and had to come off everything. Feeling better and now getting ready to start trt again.

    I’m still new to this but did you feel any symptoms for high e2? Are there symptoms?

    I remember seeing a video by JP saying people over react on e2. He said something along the lines of testosterone wing really high and e2 being high is within a proper and healthy ratio. Having lower test with high estrogen was bad.

    I’m sure i fucked that up so don’t quote me on it.

    Anyways, back to the symptoms....have you noticed anything?
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    looking for symptoms as a way to use preventative health care is not a good practice,
    their are way to many health problems that have no symptoms like high blood pressure, prostate, diabetes, ect,
    I get a physical once a year and a full blood panel every 6 months.
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  16. simple variability

    "The normal range of estradiol levels found in fertile men was 10–82 pg/ml"

    some labs 10-50 pg/ml others 20-45

    myself now at 60 pg/ml
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    variability means just that. not double.

  18. read again
    are you blind ??

    "The normal range of estradiol levels found in fertile men was 10–82 pg/ml"
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    where did you get those numbers?
    he attached a file on his first post
    it said normal was
    7.6 pg/ml- 42.6pg/ml his was 82H
    where did you get the 10-82 number
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    Lab ranges can be all over the map. Using medical documents is better (although they vary too). Is 82.1 high? According to your lab yes. According to PMID:7614406 you are 0.1 high - - - OMG !!!

    Now look at FT 26.4 is that really high? Your lab says 21.5 is the top. The last LabCorp I had said 24 is the top. Another lab I had said 16 is the top.

    More important, look at the chemistry (time to start learning crap on your own). E2 stimulates SHBG production in the liver which binds with T and thus lowers FT. I postulate that your E2 isn't overtly high because your FT is 'super great' with a T of just 796. But T and E2 have short half-lives whereas SHBG is about 7 days. You are going to want to see repeated blood tests over time. And as you said, with anastrozole you were 44 a few months ago. You'll have to make your own judgment.

    Back to E2. Bones love E2 and it needs to be >17 (though bioavailable E2 is more important) so you got that. Cardiovascular studies suggest E2 > 20 but < 30 ... so you are high there. High E2 isn't so good for the prostate - however, paradoxically, high SHBG seems to be the main problem. Yours doesn't seem high based of FT but SHBG really wasn't measured.

    Now, which is worse: somewhat elevated E2 or 'perfect' E2 with introducing a drug, anastrozole. In the end, there is no such thing as a safe drug, just a drug might be used [probably] safely. Anastrozole isn't good for lipids, it isn't good for tendons (particularly the arms), it raises liver enzymes but only ~2 pts, and is also known to lower bone mineral density over time (small increased risk of osteoporosis). So, again a judgment call.

    As for milk, get the organic if you are worried about chemicals. And get organic butter and other fats because most environmental toxins talked about are lipid soluble.