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    I know we can play this what if game all day but I'm wondering if crashing estrogen for too long or too many times has an effect on the way your receptors respond to estrogen, and causing it to be more sensitive in the presence of estrogen? ultimately causing you to be gyno prone?
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    Sounds logical.
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    Yeah. Would be nice if I could get some guys that are really experienced or one of the docs to chime in
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    Forget theories and deal with what is known.

    Some folk are predisposed to GCM and others are not and an elevated E-2, rather than a low one, tends to exacerbate that condition.

    That being said IME most who have or eventually develop GCM begin running AAS at a younger age when estrogen dependent breast tissue is more likely to linger beyond puberty.

    And the introduction of AAS allows glandular breast tissue to persist and proliferate for much longer than it would have otherwise.

    Thus the net effect is mutually exclusive, no glandular breast tissue no estrogen receptors to stimulate AND no GCM.

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    Sounds right to me i had a small amount of gyno in puberty ... now im vary prone to getting it
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    I got gyno coming off of a one year blast and cruise slightly due to stopping adex when I pct and normal estrogen levels bound to the receptors like I was an 11 year old boy again. Now I run nolva in low dosages instead of adex to not eliminate my estrogen levels and still give my receptors a chance to be hit once in a while without experiencing gyno.
  7. So then if one had gyno surgically ie glands removed, then no future threat of gyno redevelopment?
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    In theory yes if they remove all. I would say the majority of surgeons do not remove 100%. And that's done intentionally and usually glandular tissue under the nipple area.

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