Estrogen Rebound

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    Finished first cycle of 300mg test cyp plus hcg and Arimadex. after HCG and one month pct, of clomid and nolva, came off and was getting both symptoms of low T but most alarmingly high estrogen causing acne, hair loss and mood swings. Im now on aromasin eod and all these three symptoms are being controlled. How long will excess estrogen last? Is this typical?

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    What does your blood work say?
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    Yeh, I haven't had bloodwork done yet...really expensive here
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    I give it a week before your estro is crashed... Get bloodwork FFS.
  5. Bloodwork is by far the most important part of any cycle. It's what shows you:

    • How your health is progressing whilst on cycle.
    • If your gear is actually legit.
    • How to adjust your AI according to your E2 to avoid sides.
    It's probably the last you want to cheap out. Sorry if I get critical but you caused this to yourself. Go get bloods, post them and we will be more than happy to assist.
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    Typical off the wall response