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    My first attempt to purchase Test was from I only bought one 30ml vial in case they scammed. A few weeks later, I received a manilla envelope from the government agency that controls what goes in and out of the country (DEA?)

    It was a few years ago so can't remember now but in the envelope was:

    The original shipping container, which had been opened.
    NO test
    A letter saying my item had been confiscated and will be held for 90 days. If I can prove to them I have purchased the item legally, I can file the proper paperwork and go pick up my vial.

    I contacted Eurobolic and told them what happened. They offered to send another vial but I figured...why bother. It would just get snatched again.
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    Most assuredly, it was confiscated by customs not the DEA. The more reliable and reputable companies rarely have this problem, at least in my experience over the past seven years.
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    I cant beleave you didnt take the resend! OMG!
    Thats how this game works. I have gotten well over 10 letters over the last 6 years.
    they dont always catch it. you have any idea how much mail is flowing?.
    see if you can stilll get that resend....
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    you should take the offer!!
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    Get that resend s.a.p !!!!:drooling: