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    Good Day,
    I represent a brick&mortar pharmacy from Europe (EEC) and would like to introduce some of the products we offer to the members of MESO board only.
    Mainly, we are selling pct and ancillaries products. We can offer to members here a wide range of antibiotics and other products.
    There will be no shipping costs and no other taxes besides the prices in the list below. Products will be mailed from Europe and will take 12-14 days to deliver to USA, Australia, Canada and 7 days to countries within Europe. Shipping is confirmed within 48 hours after payment is received using Western Union or Money Gram.
    The meds we provide are shipped with original packaging, in blisters and are approved by EMEA (The equivalent of FDA in Europe).

    TESTIM - FERRING testosterone GEL - 50 mg/ 5 g
    30 tubes - $ 183
    60 gel caps - $ 50

    ZOMACTON - FERRING GERMANY 4 mg(12 IU) / kit - 390 $
    Somatropinum HGH

    ANASTROZOLE SANDOZ 1 mg – 28 tabs $ 110
    letrozole ACTAVIS 2,5 mg – 30 tabs $ 110
    exemestane DrReddy’s 25 mg – 30 tabs $ 100
    tamoxifen SANDOZ 10 mg – 100 tabs $ 62
    CLOMIFEN CITRATE 50 mg - 10 tabs $ 15
    albuterol SALBUTAMOL 40 mg - 40 tabs $ 15
    BROMOCRIPTIN BIOFARM 2,5 mg - 40 tabs $ 27
    OVITRELLE hcg Alfa SERONO - 250MCG/0,5 ML
    6500 IU - $ 130 - Prefilled syringe needle included.
    METFORMIN SANDOZ 500 mg - 100 tabs $ 23

    AMOXICILINE/amoxicilinum Sandoz
    500 mg 100 caps $ 50
    AUGMENTIN/amoxicilinum+clavulanic acid 875+125 mg - 14 tabs $ 30
    DOXICICLINE/doxyciclinum 100 mg – 60 caps $ 40
    KLACID/claritromicinum 500 mg – 10 caps $ 90
    Abbott brand name
    CLARITHROMICINE/G claritromicinum 500 mg – 14 tabs $ 58
    AZITROX/azythromicinum 500 mg – 6 tabs $ 38
    TERBINAFINE/terbinafinum 250 mg – 28 tabs $ 56
    AERIUS/desloratadine 5 mg – 30 tabs $ 50
    CLARINASE/loratadine+pseudoefedrine 5+120 mg 35 tabs $ 60
    ketotifen/ketotifenum 1 mg – 40 tabs $ 30

    HYDROCHLORTHYAZIDUM 25 mg – 100 tabs $ 42
    FUROSEMID 40 mg – 60 tabs $ 29
    SPIRONOLACTONE 25 mg – 60 tabs $ 30

    NIFEDIPINE 30 mg – 28 tabs $ 38
    IRBESARTAN 300 mg – 28 tabs $ 42
    ENALAPRIL 20 mg – 20 tabs $ 18
    PROPRANOLOLUM 40 mg – 50 tabs $ 19
    SIMVASTATINE 20 mg – 30 tabs $ 40

    Any inquiry please address it to:
    europeanpharmaceuticals @

    Best Regards.
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    Any anti inflammatories???
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    LOL. I hope you're prepared for the onslaught that is about to happen.
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    Well.. I have been reading the board for about 2 weeks daily :) I hope I am prepared!
    I have seen some slaughtered posters here.

    Best Regards.
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    I'm actually surprised. I half expected a gmail account haha. Atleast his email is secure.
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    Yes, email a request please or PM an email address.

    Best Regards.
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    I have read the Source Code of Conduct few times. Not sure how to handle all the rules as I am not brewing anything. Only pharmaceutical human meds.

    Best Regards.
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    Well how about some pics of of your products to start?
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    Yes- product pics are a good start.
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    This gentleman contacted me at 1 of the other boards I frequent. He joined ugbb a month or so ago. I listed the boards I was on.
    He certainly has been doing his homework. I know the country he is located and seems on the up and up.
    I have to apologize to you, pharmacist, as I failed to inform you of my belief that I wouldn't be of much help to you. You're an ambitious fellow! You've made some moves and here you are!
    I recognized the name and the list posted. It's the one i was emailed. There are a few products that would be of interest and of course some that aren't. I was interested in the gh that pharmacist could offer. The one listed is not one that we are used to seeing but it is legit somatropin. At $30 an iu it's out of reach for most. I'm certain that price is flexible(i asked) but @ Twenty something dollars/iu it's still out of reach for most.
    There will be concern about customs as your country was at one time a country that was given extra attention. I don;t know for certain these days. I wish you luck, sir!
  11. As a health professional/pharmacist who is selling antibiotics on the internet to people you know will almost certainly lack the ability to use them responsibly, do you not feel the least bit guilty for your part in contributing to the very serious issue of antimicrobial resistance?

    As a health professional, do you not feel a sense of responsibility to do what you can to prevent or minimize the development of antimicrobial resistance?

    Are the "other products" you offer benzodiazepines or other recreational drugs?
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    Caverject - Alprostadilum

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    GnRH - Triptorelinum

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    Metformin - Glucophage. Comes in 500 / 850 / 1000 mg.

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    Started posting. Will keep posting and adding pictures to this thread daily !
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    Good Evening!
    Thank you :) I remember our discussion at UGBB. I will do my best to lower the price on gh but its not easy. we have to understand that is a difference between Somatropinum pharmaceutical grade that comes in a prefilled syringe from a well known producer and a HGH made in China.
    The prices for gh, for instance, are flexible. There are other products I can get but first I have to check for the rules not to be broken then to see if the prices are competitive and they have demand. I can assure you that the list will be updated and new products added often.
    Concerning the country products are shipped from, no problems has been met so far and I have tested the shipping times and methods.

    Best Regards and nice to see you here BB69 !
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    Good Evening,
    A very delicate subject you are raising here. I am sure that antibiotics are not to be abused like "other products" as you mentioned or overdosing like testosterone compounds. Anyway, I can promise you I will do my part here and recommend products that help regenerating the intestinal flora, liver protectors and will inform the potential user that antibiotics should be used based on research and consistent with infection being treated. I will take the liberty to ask the potential user what he needs the antibiotic for and even recommend a different product.

    Will be short here ... the "other products" are NOT benzodiazepines or other similar products. I refer to other antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, diabetes, cancer, skin care, acne, bladder, prostate, infertility, men;s health and other similar.

    Best regards.
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    Lasix - Furosemid

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    I will also chime in that pharmacist contacted me via pm asking what the best way to introduce himself would be. I told him observe the source code of conduct and since there was no brewing process he should provide pics so we could potentially spot counterfeits. He seems like he truly wants to do a good job here and is open to any and all suggestions.

    That being said I know nothing of counterfeit pharms and how to spot them and I am not endorsing this supplier as I have not tried any of his products and do not know him personally.
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    Good Day !
    Words of truth my friend, I have contacted brutus and I have tried to comply with the regulations. I truly want to do a great job here !

    Best Regards.